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MyGame Review

Here is the MyGame review. MyGame is a gaming portal which enables its users to create, upload and share self built games and also with the tools provided by MyGame.

What’s that !


“Self-built Gaming” sounds cool and this concept of letting people create Flash games using next to no knowledge about any technical aspect makes it even more interesting. But the beauty lies in smart execution of a great concept. MyGame is simply one of those websites offering “Self built Gaming platform” for amateur users as well as pro game developers. It also offers a revenue sharing model to the game creators for adding another item into their kitty. The brain behind MyGame is Toby Rowland, the very same person which established King as a big name in the online gaming industry. Definitely, independent game developers take the edge in ‘smart games’ arena in MyGame but there are few things for the usual users as well to create their own games (rather ‘personalize games’ by adding their own or friends’ photo etc.). But as we said “The beauty lies in smart execution of a great concept”. Does this hold true in the case of MyGame ? In our opinion- not yet But MyGame carries all the ingredients to make it a big one in this field. It needs to focus on some of the areas like maturity level of games and tools for designing games (they can take inspiration from ‘Wix’ for flash website designing) that may equip its users to create much better games than now. Also it appears more of a game personalisation (by adding pics) rather than a new game creation.

What it offers…

  • A place to have funbuilding basic level games (by anybody) without any tech skills
  • A platform to showcase your game development skills and earn from it as well (Pro geeks)
  • A hub to play upcoming games and ability to share self-created & other’s games on websites, blogs, social networks etc.

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Market demand – As far as the trends are concerned, every big entity in the internet world today is opening up its doors to get crowdsourced (Facebook API is one of the examples) to turn itself even bigger. Keeping such a crowd-hunger in mind, MyGame seems to be at the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’. Remember, Online Gaming Industry is still to get saturated in crowdsourcing.
  • King’s Effect – King, a successful online gaming portal, definitely adds to the credibility of Toby Rowland’s next gaming venture ‘MyGame’. The huge amount of traffic that king carries can definitely be utilized to make MyGame something really BIG.
  • Early bird – Till today, websites which are competing with MyGame are PlayMyGame and recently launched TheSimsCarnival (beta launch by EA Sports on June 17,2008). However the competitors (specially the new entry from EA Sports) makes it tougher to sustain MyGame, it still carries the early bird advantage in this arena.
  • Revenue Sharing – Money matters! And it matters to every gaming freak. So it definitely allures the dudes with the money involved if their games produce advertising revenue for MyGame.

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler!

  • Pathetic Technology – A self built gaming portal needs to be well equiped with the Flex/ajax/JS based tools to create something unusual and exciting enough. In this department, MyGame has a great scope of improvement.
  • TheSimsCarnival – This gaming portal, the latest entry in self built gaming by EA Sports has a lot to show up. The technology, intellectual level of games and prize money on various competitions involved makes it a strong contender in this arena.
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