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CES 2012 will witness last keynote & booth for Microsoft

Microsoft booth at ces 2012 is going to the last time for Redmund company at CE. They will no more have keynote and booth at CES in future.

Consumer Electronics Show(CES), the popular, annual media event that’s known to be a platform for companies across the globe, to launch their consumer electronic devices to the media and public will bid adieu to one of their oldest and innovative product companies, Microsoft Inc.

Starting Jan 10 next month,  CES 2012 will see Microsoft making their last keynote on the stage.

So, come 2013 and beyond and Microsoft’s popular keynotes, product announcements and dedicated booth will become a part of the history.

The reason behind Microsoft, drifting away from making future product announcements at CES is the misalignment of product development schedules of Microsoft with the January schedule of CES.

The reason is sensible enough and there’s no reason for a tech giant as large as Microsoft, to rely on CES, in order to attract media eyeballs and consumer attention.

Microsoft is big enough to hold its own product announcements and host them for their own line of products, more like Apple does.

And therefore, this is actually a nice move by Microsoft to not focus on trying to align itself with CES or show early-stage products(mostly with bugs), just to manage to show something to millions of eyeballs gazing at them.

We will surely miss Microsoft’s impact-making presence at future editions of CES but we will have at least one additional, massive tech event in a year that will make tech media salivate for sure!

This year, Microsoft has its agenda crystal clear. Windows 8 it is.

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