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Meta launches slew of AI models for Audio, Text & Watermarking

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on. 


Meta launches slew of AI models for Audio, Text & Watermarking

Meta’s AI research lab, FAIR, has come up with a bunch of new AI models that mainly focuses on audio, text analysis and watermarking. First up is the AI model called JASCO, which lets you further improve the quality of AI generated sounds like chords, drums and melodies. Next up is ‘AudioSeal,’ which inserts watermarks to AI generated speech. Separately, Meta is also launching two new sizes of its multimodal text model Chameleon, Chameleon 7B & Chameleon 34B, to general public under research only license. Overall, the launch of these new AI models highlights Meta’s unwavering commitment in developing innovative AI applications across domains. 


China’s DeepSeek Coder beats OpenAI’s GPT 4 Turbo in key Benchmarks 

China’s DeepSeek Coder, which is an open source AI assisted coding platform, has outperformed OpenAI’s GPT 4 Turbo in tasks related to coding and mathematics. It has also outperformed other closed source models like Claude 3 Opus and Gemini 1.5 Pro. Overall, this is great news as this platform can become a valuable tool for programmers, especially for code generation, editing, and problem-solving. What is even more great is that DeepSeek Coder is an open source model, meaning that its codes are publicly available for anyone to access, modify and improve upon. Besides, it supports more than 300 programming languages. 


Snap teases its real-time image model that can generate AR experiences 

Snap on Tuesday gave a brief glimpse of its innovative real-time image generation model that is designed for elevating the augmented reality or AR experiences. This model lets users instantly witness amazing AR effects based on their simple description. What could make this model really impressive is that it runs directly on smartphones, eliminating the need for cloud processing, which makes the entire process really smooth and fast. Snap is likely to publicly rollout this model to developers and creators in late 2024. 


Ex-Snap engineer launches Butterflies, a social platform designed for Human-AI coexistence 


A former Snap engineer has launched a social media platform that can indeed prove to be a groundbreaking social media platform. Basically, this platform  allows users to create their own AI companions called “Butterflies.” Butterflies allows for real-time interaction between humans and AI through posts, comments, and direct messages. This creates a more engaging and dynamic social media experience where humans and AI can coexist together. Butterflies is now open to all  general public following its successful beta testing. It takes advantage of the latest developments in AI image generation and natural language processing to create a believable and highly engaging experience with your AI companions.


Forbes warns Perplexity AI with legal actions  

According to an article published in Axios, popular business publication Forbes has accused Perplexity, an AI search startup, of copyright infringement. It claimed Perplexity uses text and images from Forbes articles without proper consent  in their AI-generated chatbot articles. Fobes has already sent a legal notice to Perplexity, demanding that it should immediately stop this practice and remove all the infringing articles. It has also demanded that the concerned party must potentially compensate Forbes for lost advertising revenue. It has threatened with further legal action if the company does not comply with these conditions. 

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