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Llya Sutskever, OpenAI’s former Chief Scientist, rolls out a new AI company  

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.  


Llya Sutskever, OpenAI’s former Chief Scientist, rolls out a new AI company  

Llya Sutskever, OpenAI’s co-founder and former chief scientist, has a new mission on his hand. Sutskever along with two other co-founders have started a new AI company called ‘Safe Superintelligence.’ Although the information is scarce about this startup, it is believed that it will work towards ‘superintelligent system’ with major focus on AI safety. It was over the contentious issue of AI safety that Sutskever had left OpenAI barely a month ago. In 2023, he published a blog post claiming that in matter of decade AI will have superior intelligence than humans and it may not work necessarily work for the betterment of mankind, implying that AI safety is of paramount importance.  


Microsoft Azure AI unveils Florence 2 – a unified model to solve various Vision Tasks  

In what could prove to be a groundbreaking model for vision language tasks, Microsoft Azure AI on Wednesday launched a new vision language model called ‘Florence 2’ on Hugging Face. What’s special about this model is that unlike previous models you can give a unified prompt to perform various vision & vision language tasks like describing an image, recognizing objects, or segmenting specific elements. It comes in two sizes – 232M and 771M. Due to its single, unified approach to handle diverse visual applications, this model can prove pretty handy for enterprises. However, Florence 2 is still not available for general use. It is currently available under a permissive MIT license.     


One of China’s top AI Startup is entering the US market  

Moonshot AI, one of China’s most successful AI startups, is reportedly gearing up to enter America’s highly competitive AI market. The Chinese startup is especially known for its powerful large language model Kimi and especially its Kimi chatbot has achieved massive success among the Chinese users. It is expected that Moonshot AI will launch Kimi chatbot and other similar offerings in the US market. At the time of its debut, Kimi chatbot processed as many as 2,00,000 Chinese characters. Moonshot AI’s potential entry in the US market comes amid US and China’s ongoing trade war with both countries especially trying hard to outdo each other in the AI arena.    


Mozilla acquires ad tech firm ‘Anonym’ to improve its Ad privacy


Privacy focused browsing platform Mozilla has announced the acquisition of ad tech startup ‘Anonym.’ Anonym, which focuses on privacy centric advertising, aligns with Mozilla’s commitment towards privacy-oriented browsing. Anonym specializes in ad measurement and campaign optimization without collecting individual user data. It will be interesting to see how Mozilla’s browser Firefox capitalizes on Anonym’s technology to create a more private and effective advertising experience for users. If it can leverage the technology, then it can give huge boast to Mozilla’s monetization efforts. The financial details of the deal are not yet known.  


Netflix’s first entrainment complex will open in Texas & Pennsylvania in 2025 

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The first ever Netflix House, which is an experimental entertainment complex, will be unveiled next year (2025) at a prime location in Texas and Pennsylvania. Netflix House is designed to bring popular Netflix shows and movies to life and give an immersive experience to their fans. For instance, try imagining enjoying tea in a Bridgerton-themed setting or tackling the Glass Bridge challenge from Squid Game. Visitors will also get to enjoy dining options and live events. It will be interesting to see how this entertainment complex pans out and whether it will become an asset or liability for the streaming giant.  

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