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Keyboard Fix for Street Fighter

Street Fight is one of the best game and sometimes a gamer the error of the keyboard. This article will help you in fixing the keyboard for Street Fighter.

Street Fighter or SF is the most popular game from Capcom that falls under the ‘Fighting’ category of gaming. This is a character based game wherein several characters with unique fighting skills would compete with each other. This video game is adored by millions of game lovers all over the world and has celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2012. Street Fighter, since its launch in 1987, has sold 33 million copies till 2012. These numbers are sufficient enough to understand the success of SF.

This game is so popular that even the Hollywood has embraced its characters. Jackie Chan in his City Hunter movie used the characters of Street Fighter into which he and his co-star Gary Daniels transform. Its media attention has not stopped here but got into television, comics, music and other video games as well.

There are few complaints from the players of Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition that this version of the game doesn’t recognize the keyboard and game control pads. Due to this they are unable to move the characters in the desired directions and unable to perform the stunts.

The reported problem is that the players are unable to get past the intro screen of the game as the keyboard is not working and the mouse too remained undetected in the game. Some gamers have tried to attach a gamepad and were successful but some of the players were not so lucky.

It is well known that many game players love to use keyboard as there are many advantages with it. The keyboard provides a plethora of shortcut options with which players can simplify the difficult tasks that need to be performed during the game. Unlike the fixed game controls of a gamepad or fighting stick, keyboard keys can be customized to suit the comfort of the player.

street fighter 4

As SF is a game of quick and intensive action where multiple punches, jumps and kicks matter a lot, a keyboard comes handy by assigning these actions to a single key. For e.g. 3 kicks or punches needed to blow the opponent away can be assigned to a single key. When the players hit this key the character will automatically performs 3 kicks or punches. If this has to be done through any other game controller then the player has to hit the controller multiple times.

Likewise there are plenty of other advantages that a keyboard can provide to the players. But the Street Fighter game unfortunately was not supporting the keyboard thus depriving the players to forego many advantages.

Here are some of the tips that could help the players of Street Fighter to hook their keyboards to play the game.

Installing Keyboard patch

  • Download the latest patch from website that has been released exclusively for Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.
  • To start the downloading you have to start the game on your PC and use the Update menu for downloading the patch.

With this the Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition should be able to recognize the keyboard.



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