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How To View Call History In Skype

Many times, call history plays a vital role in many ways. Learn how to view call history in Skype in the article detailed below.

Skype is a great interactive service that is extensively being used by all classes of people in the world. It offers individuals to communicate with their friends, family, loved ones or almost everyone through video calling, instant messaging, Voice chat etc. These services are used for varied purposes as some use it for professional purpose, some for personal use and so forth.

How To View Call History In Skype

Many times, people want to view their entire calling session or call history in Skype and for that, it is necessary for them to be familiar with the way of viewing full call history in Skype.

Our article is all about that process which will highlight steps and proper process how to view call history in Skype.

To view Skype history, there are few applications that people generally use for this purpose and in these applications; Skype Call Exporter is one of them.

This application works only on windows PCs and if you have a windows computer and also you want to see your calling history session in detail, then this application is specifically designed for you.

To start this application, you should log in with your Skype account if you want to download any of your attachments. To use this application, there is no requirement for installing it on your PC; but just unzip the file and launch it on your system.

Here are some essential guidelines that you should follow necessarily:

  • It is necessary that Skype should be running on your PC for launching this program and also you should login to your Skype account. It is because, this application uses the API of Skype to make call request from Skype.
  • While launching utility, there will be a warning message from Skype for the first time and you should acquire authorization of utility for connecting to Skype.
  • With utility running, the program will retrieve entire calling information from Skype by itself and the process can take some time to complete, especially in case your call list is quite long. Around this period, it may seem as the program is completely rubbish and doing nothing. But, you should act patiently and should give some time to it for completion and after sometime, worthy information will appear on the table.
  • After collecting all calling records by utility, a table will display gathered information which you can export to CSV file or can easily print the file from program directly.
  • In the title of the information report, the user name will appear in the report’s title of the application.
  • In case any call gets failed, the reason for failure of this call will show in the report.

All these steps you should use for retrieving call history in Skype along with using Skype Call Exporter application. In addition to it, there is a feature which is added by Skype to enable users to view call history. Check out the steps to use that option to conveniently see your Skype call history now.

  • First of all click on “Skype”.
  • Click again on Skype or you can run Skype as per the version of Skype you use.
  • There is a “history” option, click on that. The tab will emerge in the center of Skype window and includes a book icon. The tab is right to the furthest.
  • On the Skype menu window, there is a view option, click on that and select option for “view address bar”. In case, the bar does not appear, then you can click on “view” and there you will see option “view address bar”. Select from there.
  • On Skype, there is a magnifying glass at the bottom window which you can use to view outgoing call history in Skype.  To use it, when the menu will appear, you should click on blue arrow along with the menu item for Outgoing calls. You should know that this blue arrow is replaced option for magnifying glass.
  • There is a “Search History” option and by clicking on that option, you can see incoming calls history that has been answered.
  • For viewing data for missed calls, there is a red icon menu, next to “Missed Calls” menu item. Click on that and get missed calls data.
  • The icon following the option “Search History” is made for viewing received voicemails. The substitute button for this option is in gray and white color tape.
  • To see the data for all calls including missed, received, dialed, there is a double arrow option. So, click on that and get data for all calls.
  • In the list of calls, you will see time, duration and date for all calls. The detail has mentioned below contact name and telephone number.
  • You can get back to default setting by selecting “All Events” and the option displays following the book icon.
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