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How to Run Java Apps on Windows Phone 8

In this article we will tell you how to run Java Apps on Windows Phone 8. Here’s the complete procedure:

Windows phone 8 came into existence on 29th October 2012 and grabbed many eyeballs for featuring a unique interface which was a considerable transformation from its previous avatars. It was christened Metro (or the modern UI), where Microsoft has enhanced the older CE architecture. It received mixed reactions at inception. But surely made an impact which was far from ordinary! The devices for Windows phone 8 are being manufactured by different mobile giants such as HTC, Nokia, Huawei and Samsung.

While WP8 is slowly and steadily developing its windows platform based mobile programs and constantly updating the Windows Phone store, their usability could be enhanced by instituting JAVA which is sure to perform some unique tasks. According to your requirements or needs you can download JAVA which is going to support you with app extenders (drivers) or support you in running another browser instead of the boxed internet explorer. It is recommended to install java or any java enabled apps on the external SD card.

The steps to run JAVA on windows phone 8 are listed below:

  • User will have to connect their Windows Mobile device to their computer device via USB. Followed by downloading Java from a trusted online source on your mobile device.
  • When you have downloaded the Java application on your device in zip format use a universal extractor to extract the installation files. Select the CAB (cabinet) files next. Next double click the installer to execute the application.

  • Ensure you have a minimum free space of 8 MB for successfully installing the application
  • The progress bar will be visible on your handset unless it’s fully installed. When finished installation it will be intimating you by displaying a message- “SUN_JAVAFX.CAB was successfully installed “.
  • After this you will have to locate the program file (executable/launcher). Generally it’s available on the start menu. In case you are unable to find it there then you will have to search for it on C:/Program Files. When you are able to trace it then go through the JAVAFX and click on the Start up option.
  • Within JAVAFX you will be able to see different file lists. You are going to see some bundled java applications such as calculator, fish simulator etc. You can move ahead and click on any one of the applications, which will trigger the JAVAFx window. The same window will disappear in a flash!
  • And when the window disappears you will be able to see your applications.  Further to this if you wish to add more java apps to your handset then you would have to rely on the Windows Phone store. Microsoft still doesn’t officially allow installation of java enabled apps directly from third party sources, however following the pointers above can certainly make your life easy.
  • After completing all the installations you should restart your mobile device for ending any un-finished process and start afresh.

Hope this article about how to run Java Apps on Windows Phone 8 helped you.

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