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Basic Windows 8 Instruction Guide

In this article, we provide you Windows 8 instruction guide. Here you can find out all the basic information related to Windows 8.

Windows 8 is an operating system developed by Microsoft for wide range of computers. Windows 8 has main focus on improving user experience to give tough competition to other Os Android and Apple’s iOS. It has touch user interface with “Metro” design with colorful pictures.


You can have multiple numbers of applications running in background that will not affect performance of the windows Pc. Multitasking has been always a power-full feature of windows. If you have some applications running then one by one you can swipe from left side to get on to previous app used. You can also use Win-Tab key or Alt-Tab with keyboard.

Windows 8 Lock screen:

Windows 8 has amazing lock screen. You will be prompt to input password to authorize and let you to desktop screen.

Basic navigation

Windows 8 has colorful tiles interface and user friendly touch apps. It is very easy to use in case if you have Tablet and you can also have an option of keyboard. Tap on windows key to get to home screen.