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Windows 8: A Revolutionary Operating System

In this article we will discuss about windows 8: a revolutionary operating system.

Technology does not drive change it makes change happen. Change is the only constant in technology. As time passes demands of the people change so does their priorities. It is very important for a technology to walk in pace with the changing whims, needs and requirement of the people. Moreover upgrading and bringing in new innovations would certainly involve undertaking big challenges to increase the value products and services along with reducing their costs. Microsoft has taken this challenge again and again and has always resurfaced with renovated, restructured software products and operating system. Thus when Microsoft announced the release of windows 8 post windows vista and windows 7 the whole world was looking towards them with unabated eyes.

On June 1, 2011 Microsoft 8 was unveiled officially with some of its other added features. Then Microsoft unveiled new windows 8 implements many added features and improvisation on the base of previously developed system. To let their fellow developer community to view and rate the operating system Microsoft released the developers preview. This preview had “metro style apps”, Microsoft visual studio 11 express and Microsoft expression blend 5 developer previews. Microsoft quoted a certain 500,000 download of developer preview in the next 12 hours of its release time. For the first time the developers preview had a start screen. The start button opens up to a start screen in the place of start menu in that was a feature of previous architecture. Windows 8 also promises to give you USB 3.0 support, Live ID integration, the power to run USB flash drives with windows to go and provide you restore options at your finger tips.

Going by the Microsoft preview we can say that the first thing this advanced product of Microsoft had attempted to do is blur the thin line between the different operating systems of mobile and desktop. This clamps together the lucrative interfaces of the window phone with its optimized touch enigma and the robustness of traditional computing.  Further add on will be that you will have faster boot time and you can avail to innumerable apps from windows store. They claim that it does not matter what device you are operating on you can swing between metro interface and the tradition windows desktop interface within seconds.

Instead of typing a password as a technique of authentication windows 8 allows users to use gestures in a chosen picture to help them log in. Gestures will only include tapping tracing a line or a circle. This is because the limitation of gestures instead of forming methods whimsically makes sign in thrice as faster. Wrong gestures will deny a login and if the number of failed login attempts numbers to 5 then you have to enter a text password to use the computer.

Windows eight brings to you “snap multi tasking “which will let you run two apps side by side, resize them and swing between them. However this doesn’t mean that you can view all your apps on a single screen.

The Internet Explorer (IE) 10 browser  embedded in windows 8 is designed to help you browse faster through greater hardware acceleration, along with zoom functionality , pan and website navigation  based on gestures.

Windows 8 offers you two soft boards one being the enhanced traditional keyboard and a new thumb keyboards for non touch typists. To make your typing experience faster and fun the Microsoft suggests you words on screen as you type. You can tap on the suggestion to select them. Microsoft has automated spell checks and like any other spell checkers it has its own pitfalls. Apart from this the copy paste operations are mad easy by enabling current copy operations all in single dialog boxes. Thinking about multiple monitors Microsoft 8 developer preview of new operating system for the first time has the capabilities of extending the taskbar of two pc without installing third party apps. Would it be so much fun when you can stretch wall papers across your two monitors, display start screen on one and operate on desktop in the other?  Switching between multiple monitors is easy. Primary monitor has a start button and the secondary monitor a switcher button. Swap utilities; Make the secondary monitor your primary one just by clicking or tapping the switcher button.

After a thorough study we can conclude that windows 8 have progressed in all dimensions. From bringing the sense of touch, keyboard and mouse to distilling the development platform it has done it all.  Keeping in mind the overall performance, robustness, quality and reliability that comes as a responsibility with the brand name Microsoft windows, windows 8 is true to its every word.


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