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Windows 8 Theme Android Apk

In this article we are going to tell you about Windows 8 theme Android Apk. Here’s the complete detail:

The coming of age technological developments of hybrid mobile devices which run both Android and Windows 8 is a reminder of flexibilities that technology offers these days. A couple of the most significant PC vendors (Asus and Samsung) have released now some hybrid devices which run Windows 8 on laptop mode and Android on tablet mode. This is what takes “Windroid” ahead and changes the same from something that seemed to be a insignificant experiment to a sincere endeavor to address a few of the drawbacks of Windows.

The capability of pinning Android applications on Windows 8 is sure way of expressing the Windows 8 terribly lacks the accessibility of applications suitable for the “Metro” mode. Microsoft is going to tout a considerable number like 100,000 when it talks about the number of applications available on Windows 8. However, the cutting edge, cool and new applications do not appear to be accessible at any point of time. The main issues could, on the other hand, be solved when you run an Android based emulator on a mobile device. Here the selection of a complete Android implementation exposes other problems adding to issues such as application availability. This also implies in a strong manner that OEMs do not find Windows 8 a great user experience when worked on a tablet. This is definitely a big issue for Microsoft.

The main point behind Windows 8 seems to be its flexibility as well as its capability of providing a wonderful user experience both in Metro and in Desktop mode. However, just in case there is no one who is interested in either of them, one may continue using Windows 7 which gives a wonderful user experience. There is no much between Windows 8 and Windows 7 experiences on desktop mode in order to separate the two. Some may also think that Microsoft was not able to convince its user with the reasons why they must shift to Windows 8 from Windows 7.

On the other hand, mobile devices with hybrid OS were tried before. They were shown to be extreme niche with quite low volumes. In addition to the same, these mobile devices are quite heavy when it comes to tablets. They are also unable to share any data between those two modes. This is definitely going to limit the appeal of these on a substantial level. However, these hybrid mobile devices have some major advantages. Users may have to make a choice of going for these hybrid OS mobile devices on the basis of price, battery life and performance. It works persistently on the shadow of the Windows 8 OS in order to convince users as well as make them more interested in joining the Windows ecosystem on Android.

Just in case, Microsoft is capable of making strides to informing its users the ways of living their digital existence with Microsoft as well as solving certain confusions regarding Windows RT, the hybrid mobile devices can get even more compelling. On the other hand, a strong candidate like Microsoft decides including Android, we can surely expect a significant development ahead.

Hope this article about Windows 8 Theme Android Apk helped you.

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