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Speed up Windows 8 Apps

In this article we will tell you about Speed up Windows 8 Apps. Here’s the complete detail:

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows operating system after Windows 7. It comes with improved file system, security components, network stacks, drivers, media and graphic support. It supports high resolution graphics and multi-core CPUs. Windows 8 has Internet Explorer 10 as a built-in web browser for improved web accessibility. One of the main features of Window 8 is the app platform with touch screen input. Apps can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

There are numbers of apps available in Windows Store and new apps are being added continuously. Installation of apps from Windows Store is very- just press the install button and the app will be downloaded and installed automatically. But, sometimes, the app stops downloading or the Windows Store gets too much slow and it becomes very difficult to browse the Store.

This happens because Windows 8 stores cache from the Windows Store locally on the PC. Sometimes, the cache creates problem and Windows Store becomes slow or even stops the apps installation. You can remove this problem and refresh the installation process of the app by following these simple steps:

  • Open the search charm on the start screen by swiping from the right side and selecting ‘search’.
  • Once ‘search’ bar appears, type wsreset and select it from the result list..
  • It will clear the Windows Store cache and you can resume browsing the Windows Store and downloading apps.

Also, sometimes Windows displays notification such as “your application may be delayed” which means that the Windows 8 apps are performing slowly. This can be resolved by enabling the auto delete option for application memory every time the app is logged off through following steps:

  • Open Run tab and search for gpedit.msc. Hit Enter.
  • Open the folder User Configuration on the left side, then open Administrative Templates and then Start Menu and Taskbar.
  • Look for the option Clear history of tile notifications on exit, right click on it and choose Edit.
  • Select Enabled and click OK.
  • Now, again open Run tab and search for gpupdate / force. Hit Enter. This will update the command. Now, the message cache will be automatically deleted when the application is logged off.

You can also stop the apps from running automatically when the Windows starts using the Task Manager and improve their performance by clearing more memory through following steps:

  • Open the search charm on the start screen by swiping from the right side and selecting ‘search’.
    • Once ‘search’ bar appears, type Task Manager and select Task Manager.
    • Tap or click the Startup tab.

If you don’t see any tabs, tap or click More details.

  • Tap or click the name of the app you want to disable, and then tap or click Disable.

These are simple and effective ways to speed up Windows 8 apps and improve their performance overall.

Hope this article about Speed up Windows 8 Apps helped you.

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