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Make Windows 8 Full Screen Virtual Box

In this article we will tell you how to make Windows 8 Full Screen Virtual Box. Here’s the complete procedure:

Virtual also commonly and colloquially referred as Sun Virtual box, Innotek Virtual box and Sun xVm Box, is an Intel64/AMD64 and x86 virtualization package of the software which was created by the company, Innotek GmbH and now being taken over and developed by Oracle Corporation and is an integral part of Oracle’s virtualization family. It hosts all major Operating systems like Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X, windows Vista, Windows 8, windows 7, open Solaris and Solaris etc.

On trying to implement virtual Box on windows 8, users usually encounter an issue with the optimum screen resolution .It is unable to auto-adjust the resolution on windows 8 Screen and leaves the user at the state of compromise with the resolution part. But with little tweaking the user can make the most of the Virtual machine even on a not so happy Windows 8 OS. There is one way which has been devised to get the perfect resolution in the virtual box of the Guest Operating system.

The steps to be carried out to get the desired resolution on the Guest Operating system i.e. Virtual box are-

  • First step is to close all the virtual machines along with the virtual box.
  • After some time start a single system and launch an elevated command prompt .On typing cmd they will be given a black screen aka the command prompt.
  • On the command prompt user will have to change the directory with the help of the following command-cd c:programfilesOracleVirtualBox
  • Which should be followed by the command line VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution any.
  • Once the above code has been executed on the command prompt- user will have to mention the below mentioned command- VBoxManage Setextradata “VM name” “customVideoMode1” “widthxheightxdepth”.  Where user will have to change the name of the “VM Name” by the appropriate name of the virtual machine(VM Box). For example if the name of the machine is Windows 8 then mention it accordingly. And in place of the widthxheightxdepth, user will have to input the resolution on which he wishes to run the screen.  As an example, if user wishes to enter the resolution as 1600x900x32 then he should mention the values within quotes such as “1600x900x32”.
  • If all goes well the command prompt should be displayed on the screen with all the shortcuts like explorer 7, settings, start etc. with their images. In case user is unable to get the above screen then he should check the name of the virtual machine. When all is done then user can close the command prompt. As user has already mentioned the required commands on the command prompt for running the Windows 8 on the full screen or have set the appropriate resolution at the virtual box.
  • Now it’s time to start the virtual box and launch the windows 8 virtual machine on it.
  • When user has logged in to his windows 8 machine, he needs to right click on the desktop. User will be able to view a menu with varied items list. From the list of available resolutions the user needs to select the optimum resolution to run his VM box.
  • For running it on the full screen user can also use the hot key by pressing the combination of keys Host +F. User can also view the resolution and other changes done via the preview option where he can make changes if he wishes to.

Hope this article about Make Windows 8 Full Screen Virtual Box helped you.

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