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How to make Windows 8 look like XP

Here in this article we will tell you how to make Windows 8 look like XP. Here’s the complete procedure.

Many people who have owned new computers with Windows 8, like their older version of windows. They would still love to work on the Windows 7 version and the XP version. So here is how to make Windows 8 look like XP.

When you look at the Windows 8 screen, you will find the start button that is different. The Start button is a feature that has traveled a long way since Windows 95, but it was only in Windows 8 version that it was abolished.

Get the Start Button Back

So we will start with getting the start button back. For this,  you will have to download an app called Classic Shell, available at Classic Shell website that allows you to get your traditional start menu of Windows XP back. This step again allows you to access your files program and folders easily with the start button. The process of installation has been stated below, and you must follow it accurately because one wrong move can land you in the wrong place!

Installation of Classic Shell

Step 1:

Visit the official website of Classic Shell and you know when you are there by seeing the official logo.

Step 2:

Just navigate along the site and check for all the features described. When you arrive at the right feature, you will notice an option called ‘Download Now’ and this will let you proceed along. The software comes free of cost but if you like you could contribute some money to the developers by clicking the “Donate” button.


Step 3:

As you click on the “Download Now” button you will be going to another link, another site and here is that you must pay attention. There are ads all around you and one wrong move you will be tricked! You click only the specified button to get the right software.

Step 4:

Your download will start automatically in Chrome that you will notice in the left hand corner at the bottom. While, in Firefox you will see a dialog box asking for permission and you just choose Run. In Internet Explorer also you will notice a similar dialog box asking for permission to Run or Save the program.

Step 5:

The installation process is very simple and reading the instructions will enable you and during the process you will have to accept the license agreement.

Step 6:

As you click the “Finish” option at the culmination of the process you may see the “Readme” option that you may read this to gain more knowledge of the software, but it is not imperative.

Step 7:

At the corner in the left side down, you will see the Start button that resembles closely to the Microsoft logo. It is circular in shape.

Step 8:

After clicking the logo, the settings windows will appear from that you can choose “All settings” to see the number of options given there. Go to each option and check out for the available programs. Given on the settings screen chose the “Start Menu” option of Windows XP and click OK.  Click the “Yes” option of the warning shown on the Classic Start Menu window. Now you have reached at the desired destination!

You can also explore the program options on “All Programs” to get various other applications. If, at any point you wish to go back to the Windows 8 screen just go to Start, then to Control Panel, then to Programs and Features. Uninstall Classic Shell and get rid of it.

Hope this article about how to make Windows 8 look like XP helped you.

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