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How to make a post shareable on Facebook

Facebook is an American company that offers social networking services. Facebook was found in 2004 by four students of Harvard University that are Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes. With time the application gained popularity and became one of the largest social networking applications in the world. Facebook is used by billions of users and is used on daily basis. People usually have a question that how to make a post shareable on Facebook. Everyone wants that their post is shared the most so that it trends.

The headquarters of Facebook are in California, Menlo Park. Anyone can use Facebook for free and make their account to use it. One can also make a page on Facebook and start groups to which one can invite friends. Facebook has a timeline that shows different posts and content. People can contact Facebook with friends and other people. One can socialize with the whole world through Facebook. The posts on Facebook get likes, comments and it can be shared by other people as well. Facebook earns a lot of money through advertisements. People can make their page on Facebook to promote the products. The pages usually have facebook make post shareable. 

What is a post on Facebook?

It is media that is posted on Facebook in form of posts. The media can be pictures, videos, status, and live video. Adding a post on Facebook means you are uploading something on your profile that people in your friend list can see. Through the post, one can share the mood or what you are feeling as well. One can manage the setting of the posts, who can see that. When someone uploads a photo/ video or live video, one can add a caption to it as well. The caption can be related to the media one is sharing or anything that one likes to share. There are three options through which one can share posts on Facebook- 

  • Through personal profile for the people who are on your friend list.
  • Through the page, if one is having any for the people who are following it.
  • Through the group for the people who are there in that group.
  • Through a friend’s profile.

After posting one gets the option of editing the post as well. If one has committed any mistake then one clears it through this option. In the post, one can tag people as well if one wants to. One can add a location to the post. If one finds the post inappropriate later on then one can remove it from the timeline as well. People can give different reactions to your post through different emojis. Also, they can comment on the post and they can share your post further as well. There are websites over the internet that guides one about how to make a post shareable on Facebook.

how you can make a post shareable on Facebook

How do you make a post?

Here are certain steps that can be followed to make a post on Facebook:

  • Step 1: The first thing to do is to open the Facebook app. The icon of the application looks like a white ‘F’ written on a dark blue background. One needs to click on the application and it will open up. If one has already logged in then the timeline will appear on the screen. If one has not logged in then one has to put e-mail address/phone number and the password to log in. One can do the login if one has an account on it. If one does not have an account on Facebook then one has to sign in and make a new account. 
  • Step 2: Select the field where you want to post. As we discussed earlier one can post on his profile, in a group if he is handling any, on the page if one has any, or on a friend’s profile. One has to open any of the fields selected. If one wants to post it to own profile then a box will appear on the top of the timeline. If one wants to post to a friend’s timeline then one has to open it and the box will appear on his profile on top. If one wants to share with a group then one needs to open the group and there will post box appear on the top.
  • Step 3: Once you have found the post box. The box will contain the phrase ‘Write something’ or ‘What’s on your mind’ or something similar to that. The box has three options. The first one is the live video that means sharing a live video with the audience about what you are doing right now. People can watch it while you are showing it and there are no chances of editing it later on. One can after ending the live video add it to the profile as well. The second option is the Photo/Video. One can either select it from the camera roll or one can click it there and then. 
  • Step 4: The next step is to select the media that is out of videos, photos, and more which one the user wants to share. There is no restriction to share only one photo rather one can share multiple photos at once. Also, one can add a combination of videos and photos. If one does not want to add any photo or video then one can add only a text post. 
  • Step 5: Once the media is selected one can add a caption with it. One can explain in the caption that what the photos are about or one can just write anything one feels like. Along with the caption, one can Tag friends with the post who are there in the picture or whom you want to see the post. One can add check-in with the post that shows that where are the photos taken. Along with this one can add feeling/activity that tells that what one was feeling when he clicked the pictures or what activity was he involved in then. To the post, the background color can be added as well. 
  • Step 6: One can set the settings of the post in advance that all can see your post. One can set it to the public which means every Facebook user can see that. The second option can be ‘Friends’ which means only people in your friend list can see that. The third option can be ‘Friends except’ which means only those friends can see whose name is not added to the exception list. Before posting one can go through how to make a post shareable on Facebook to make the post more attractive for friends.
  • Step 7: The last step is to post. Once one has done everything and set all the settings. The last thing to do is to click the post option. Once clicked, there will a bar appear on the timeline that shows the status of post update on the timeline. After uploading, people can see the post on the timeline. 

Anyone can create a post on Facebook easily but there are only some people who know how to make it attractive. People usually ask how do I make my Facebook post shareable. To have an answer to this one can go through this article further.

Why is sharing posts important?

Social sharing helps in making community building. Social sharing helps in attracting traffic to your page and helps in fulfilling marketing goals as well. The web is all about creating content and attracting the audience. So, the posts are shared to attract more and more viewers. Here are the reasons why sharing posts is important:

Establishes a brand name if operating a page

Sharing posts on Facebook helps in establishing a brand name if one has a business page on Facebook. It helps in advertising the products and increasing the viewer base so that the brand name can be established.

Increases social visibility within the society

When one keeps on sharing regularly it increases social visibility. This happens because no one can ignore a post that is appearing regularly. This is how the post will be available to most people every time hence increasing its visibility over Facebook. People also search how can I make a facebook post shareable so that they can increase their social visibility. 

Helps in starting a conversation

If one keeps on sharing the posts then it can help one in starting the conversation as well. There is a possibility that someone does not comment on it on seeing it for once. If one sees the post frequently then there are high chances that people start the conversation.

Helps is finding new followers, friends, and fans

When one keeps on sharing posts on Facebook, the posts are constantly seen by new people. This helps in finding new followers and making a new fan base for the page or the profile. The social influencers share their posts mostly to find new followers and fans.

Builds relationships with others and loyalty

The frequently sharing posts help one in building a relationship with others and help in showing people that the account is regular at posting. Through regular posting, one shows loyalty towards the fans and the general public.

How can a post be shared?

One can share a post through the ‘share’ option that is available on the bottom right of any post. The post so shared is reflected directly on the feed of the person. One can share it as a post or one can share it as a story that automatically disappears after 24 hours. One can also share the post personally through the messenger. One can even share a post to the friend’s timeline or the page if one has any. One gets different options for sharing the post and one can select any as per where he wants to share it. One can go through Facebook how to make a post shareable to make their post attractive. 

How to share a post in a group?

One can share the post normally in the group by following the mentioned steps:

    • Tap on the Share button under the post.
    • Select the option share to the group and a list of groups will appear.
    • One can select the group to which one likes to share the post and it will be shared.

How to share a post on a page?

The post can be shared only to page one is managing. If one does not own any page then one cannot share the post to any page. Simply one can share the post on the page just like earlier. Also, one should make sure that only that post can be shared that is set on ‘Share with the public’ because there are chances that people following the page are not a part of the original audience of the post.

How many times can you share a post?

There is no as such any mentioned limit for sharing the post. Assuming that, one can share it an unlimited number of times. One can share a post by following the above-mentioned method and that too for n number of times.

Can Facebook block me as spam?

To answer this answer is Yes, Facebook can block you as spam if you do the following:

  • If one keeps on posting continuously everywhere whether it is a timeline, group, or a page and that too at the same time.
  • If one uses the copied content such as images from Google and are marked as spam.
  • If one tags a lot of unknown people then they might report you as spam and eventually Facebook will block you as spam.
  • If one has more than one Facebook accounts and if one uses a business name for a personal account.
  • If one acts like a spammer such as sending friend requests to even the unknowns, promoting your products on pages of other people, and sending promotional messages privately.
  • If Facebook confuses you as a Spam-bot.
  • If one keeps on posting the same links to multiple pages and a frequent behavior is detected.

One can find on the internet that how can I make a post shareable on Facebook so that it is not blocked as spam by Facebook.

Different ways of how to make a post shareable on Facebook

There are various techniques through which one can make a post shareable and more attractive on Facebook:

  • Add an image with the post

To make an effective post one can add a colorful image with it. It will try to attract more audience and also try to explain the picture through a small caption. If it is a promotional post then one can add the link with the past as well.

  • Try to state a debate by asking provoking questions

If one wants that people talk about their product or there is gossip about their product then one should ask a provoking question through the post. The question should be so that instigates people to answer it and have a conversation about it.

  • Write short posts

Instead of writing long essays in the caption, one should try to write precise information. The information should focus on the key element. It should not revolve around matters other than the post. One can try to create humor through posts so that people enjoy that. One can also add a fun fact to the post to make it interesting for the users.

  • Post Relevant content

One should only post relevant content as the users usually get irritated with irrelevant content. One can link the post to some recent happening so that people can associate with that. One should also write the truth about the post so that people can relate. People usually do not like posts that lie in themselves. Also, one should not tag random people as they might report your account as spam.

  • Enhance the post with hashtags

Facebook users can add hashtags to their posts. The hashtags help one to attract more audience. When one uses a famous hashtag it eventually increases the visibility of the post over Facebook. One should hashtags that are unique so that awareness can be increased. If the keyword is used in the right manner then the users can search the post if they enter the keyword in the search bar. 

  • Post a variety of content

One should try to post content in form of different media. One should not add repetitive posts as it might bore the audience. One should try to post unique content every time so that public interest remains there. 

  • Allow people to comment on the post

One should allow the public to comment on the post so that they can have a conversation there. The allowed comments help people to engage with the posts. If the post contains a question then the users can add their answers in the comment section.

  • Ask users to make a choice

Another way to attract the attention of people is to ask them to make a choice. When someone makes a choice he usually sees what other people have chosen and why they have done that. The choice question will also trigger the conversation in the comment section. People might start explaining the reason why they chose the option.

  • Ask for feedback

If you are a promotional page then one should try to ask for feedback through the post. This will instigate existing buyers to write a comment. At the same time, new people will read the feedback and if they are impressed then they will buy the product as well.


Facebook is an application that helps one to socialize with the whole world. One can access it for free and can enjoy it at any hour of the day. It is not limited to any country but helps one to connect to the whole world. One can make a post easily that will attract the audience. There is no restriction on Facebook until one behaves ethically. One should conduct activities on Facebook in the right way so that one does not get blocked. People can give different reactions to the posts on Facebook or they can add comments to it. One can also share Facebook posts further on their timeline so that their friends can see the post as well. As we discussed, it is very easy to post on Facebook and also one can easily create an attractive post. Facebook is a great way to promote the business as well as it has a great reach. Overall, Facebook is an amazing application that is used all over the world for different purposes.f

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