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My Brand New Logo: Get A Professional Looking Logo In Just Few Clicks

There can be a little-to-no argument over the fact that the logo plays a very critical role in the success of any brand in today’s consumer-driven age. With today’s modern consumer becoming more sensitive to aesthetics and design, a good logo design has become a prerequisite for the enduring longevity of any brand.

It, therefore, won’t be an exaggeration to say that today virtually every company (be it small or large) aspires for a professional and good-looking logo. While hiring an in-house graphic designer and outsourcing to a third-party designing agency are worthy options for designing logos, they are just as costly as well as time-consuming.

The newly arrived automated logo making machine My Brand New Logo aims to free businesses from these expensive and highly taxing options. It essentially aims to bring logo designing well within the realm of possibility in every possible way.

My Brand New Logo is surely not the only automated logo maker in the market. But its impressive consistency in churning out professional-looking logos has helped the company in winning a lot of accolades. The interesting thing is that not only customers but even industry peers are praising this logo making company.

Makes logo making extra-ordinarily simple

Can you imagine that your brand new professional-looking logo is merely a few clicks away? While most of your industry peers and counterparts may be busy draining their resources in getting that perfect logo, My Brand New Logo can fetch a perfect logo in a matter of few clicks.

This tool makes the logo making almost a cakewalk as if it is a child’s play. Even anyone with almost zero logo making and designing skills can design a professional-looking logo in a matter of a few minutes.

All that one has to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Add your company name
  • Add the official slogan of your company
  • Add keywords related to your business
  • Start customizing logo once your logo is automatically generated

Above all, you’ve to make payment only when you’re happy with the final logo. If you’re not happy with the logo then you don’t have to pay a single dime. There are no hidden or extra charges involved. My Brand New Logo is an honest and transparent platform in every sense of the word.

A must-have tool for small businesses & startups

Tools like My Brand New Logo can become a huge boon for small businesses and startups. These businesses survive by being frugal as well as promoting cost-cutting activities. Therefore tools like this perfectly fit in their budget.

While this tool is no doubt budget-friendly, it also helps in saving your precious time and energy. Admittedly, designing a good looking logo isn’t all that easy. It demands patience and a huge amount of effort.

But My Brand New Logo saves you from this ignominious fate. Once any business or company decides to use this tool, they invariably free themselves from the frustrating process of investing time and energy.


This tool is immensely thin & easy on your wallet. It can be best defined as a pocket-friendly tool. Below are the details of the pricing plan.

  • Basic package: 20 Euros – one low-resolution file
  • Professional package: 50 Euros – High res logo files, print-ready & scalable logo
  • Hire a designer: 190 Euros – get a customized logo by hiring a designer.

To get complete information about My Brand New Logo’s pricing plan, you can visit their website.


In an era when the world is witnessing a startup revolution and small businesses are becoming aspirational, tools like My Brand New Logo can prove to be more than a saving grace. They can become a boon not only by saving money, time & energy but also by adding unparalleled efficiency to their business. That said, even large businesses can benefit as much from automated logo making tools like My Brand New Logo.

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