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The Best Ways to Advertise Your Business in Singapore

Have you started a new business in Singapore? Are you confused about how to advertise your startup business? Off course you are!

For a new business, it is impossible to achieve success without advertisement of products and services. If you want to ensure that the customers see your brand and buy your product or services you should put your time, energy and even money most of the time.

There are too many ways which you can use to advertise your business in Singapore depending on your niche and target audience. There are two major categories of advertising, i.e. online and offline advertising. In Singapore, 82% of the population uses the internet.

Singaporeans use the internet to search all type of their works, e.g. searching for hotels, travel, tuition, transport, businesses etc. Therefore, online advertising is going to be useful for a new business in Singapore. Offline advertising is the traditional way but still an active way of advertising.

Are you unable to think clearly about where to start? Don’t worry we will guide you to some online and offline ways to advertise a business in Singapore.

Online Ways of Advertising

  • Create a website and optimize it

The online presence of a business is necessary as the people today try to reach out any service through internet and clicks while sitting in their homes and offices. People use to access businesses through online searches and look for their products and services what they offer and what they sell. If you wish to evaluate SEO to be your marketing and advertising tactics take a look at Search Media they can assist small businesses to achieve their goals.

So, what Is SEO? SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” This is basically a technique of generating traffic through the “free” and “organic,” search engine results. Because of this people can access your website at any time and can communicate with you if they are interested. The website is like an online company of your business where customers can reach at any time.

  • Business Listings

Business listing is an online advertising strategy where you advertise your business on different business directories. It is cost effective and can be done by small businesses or start-up business. These directories are listed with business details such as name, type of business and address. Popular business directories in Singapore include the green book, Singapore yellow pages, etc. It is easy you have to fill up the business details and submit your business will be listed in the directory and will be seen by consumers.

  • Classified Ads and Display Ads

We are talking about online advertising strategies how we can forget classified ads and display ads. A classified ad is a free service you can avail. Its best fits for small businesses who can’t afford paid advertisements. All you need is to register using the name, email and setting a password and later you can post ads.

Popular classified ad sites in Singapore are Craigslist, Locanto, Gumtree Singapore and Singapore Expats. Display ads are the paid online advertisements in the form of banner or photo where users can click and land to the corresponding web page. As it is paid, it is used when the business has enough budget.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective and straightforward way of advertisement for business online. You can get the best out of an investment when it comes to time. The process is simple; you have to make a list of emails of your subscribers and build a campaign and send it to all. In the end, you have to track and measure the overall performance.

For email marketing to be effective, you have to choose the right audience and content which is compelling to the target audience and attract them towards your product and service. When you have enough trust and credibility, you can convert your leads to conversion and later increase the number of conversions.

  • Social Media Presence

Most of the internet users are active on social media. The social media presence of your business can help advertise your products and services among people who are active on social media.

You should have your business account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest etc. Engage your potential customers by posting and sharing photos, videos, links, infographics and other content to your target audience.

Offline Ways of Advertising

  • Television Commercials

Mostly small business owners think that they can’t afford TV commercials, but in reality, they can. Start-up business can afford TV commercials on a local station or cable channels. You will be able to reach your target audience using TV commercials.

  • Flyers

Nowadays the most popular way of offline advertising is flyers and brochures. A flyer can attract potential customer more than anything else. The best flyer should have information about your business, products or services you are offering, business name, address, contact information or any other offer which can attract customers.

You can add special offers like discounts for customers. To track the performance and success of flyer you can use call tracking on flayer. The level of success will be measured by a number of calls received.

  • Radio

Although an old way of addressing people still there are advantages of using radio for advertising your business in Singapore, there are certain age groups listening to particular radio stations. You can take advantage of this and address your target audience depending on the product you are selling or the service you are offering. The key is to choose the station which best suits your target audience.

  • Newspapers and Magazines

Like TV and Radio, newspapers and magazines are the old way of advertising. There are still some advantages you can take from it. As locals usually read the paper you will be able to address your nearby or neighbor-hood audience. It is the ideal way of advertising. You should display a large ad in the newspaper so that for the user, it becomes hard to ignore. Otherwise, your ad will be ignored, and the newspaper will be disposed of.

Both offline and online advertising strategies will help you attract customers and eventually enhance the visibility of your business. As you have seen, there are many options which are free of cost so it not all about money, but it is about time, energy and efforts and right step at a proper time you will take for your business advertisement in Singapore.

It is important to know that nothing can bring success overnight. Thus, all these ways will take the necessary time to make you successful. But no doubt you will undoubtedly be benefited in the long run.

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