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How to Automatically Assign Labels in Gmail?

This article will guide you to automatically assign labels in Gmail. The complete procedure is explained below with very simple and quick steps.

Gmail has nothing as such of storing messages in custom folders. But Gmail has an alternative to it i.e. Labels. This allows emails to be stored according to the categories. It can belong to a most urgent email or a family email. Categorization depends upon what labels you have created for your emails. Each label is nothing but a folder.

Gmail labels has better functionality than folder as its lets you store “n” number of mails. Also, it automatically stores the email in the label according to its category. So you need not perform pick and drop every time for new email.

In this tutorial, I’m going to help you deal with labels. Let’s see how can you autolabel the incoming emails ?

Follow these steps

1.  Type the search criteria in the search box at the top of the gmail.

2.  Click the down arrow in your search box. You will be asked for the search actions you want to assign to the filter.

3.   Now Click on the ‘Create new filter with this search’ located at the bottom of the search Window.

4.   Click the Create filter button.

how to automatically assign labels in gmail

Now every time you will receive an email with a keyword similar to your search criteria, it will be saved automatically in the related folder.

Note : Creating a new Filter will not affect the previous messages.

To create a Filter for a message

1. Select the message, you want to create a filter for.

2. In the More drop down menu, click on ‘Filter messages like these’.

3. Provide the filter criteria for the same message.

To Delete or Edit  the existing filters

1. Click the gear icon and then go to Settings.

2. Click the ‘Filters tab’.

3. Choose the filter you want to modify and click Edit or Delete to remove the filter.

4.  In order to edit a Filter, you need to assign a new Filter Criteria. Click on ‘Edit Filter Actions’ after you have applied a new filter.

5. Click Update Action when you’re done.

To change the color of the label

1. Click the ‘color box’ next to the selected label.

2. Choose a background color and text format.

3. Click on Remove color. This will turn label into gray color.

4. Choose the desired color from the color box below.

You can also add a color of your choice to labels

1. Select Add custom color, to pick a label’s color.

2. Select the colors of your choice for background and text.

3. Click Apply.

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