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How Do You Know If Your Email Has Been Read

Get the tool of maintaining privacy in your email ID. How do you know if your email has been read, get the idea in this article.  

After sending any mail, we do not know if our mail has delivered to the recipient or if it has been read or not? There are several reasons for which a recipient does not bother all mails and it can happen with your mail as well. That for any reason, the recipient does not check the mail you have sent to him and thus, your effort gets ruined.

how do you know if your email has been read

But the foremost question is how you can get to know about if your mail has been read or it is still unread. Knowing various ways and tools to learn if the recipient has read your mail will surely help you to learn the real status of your sent mail.

The typical way for this purpose is to enable “Read Receipt” option while sending an Email, but the thing is that it is not a trustworthy way as noticed by several.

There is another way called “Web Bug” which is used by spammers who use it to check if their sent email message has been read and thus, when they find out reliability of an email ID, they start sending spamming messages to that mail.

Hence, it is also not a good and reliable way for sure. In the list of the best way of knowing if an email has been read, LuxSci’e Secure Line Escrow is that way which you can take up as the greatest function for reads receipt.

At the time, when you feel the need to know if your mail has been checked by recipient essentially, using this alternative would be a right choice.

In this post, we will discuss on each way of read receipt and the way it work and knowing them, you can better select an appropriate option for you.

Read Receipt Function

This is a prominent function or can better be called as requests which a mail sender attaches to the email sent to any recipient. Various famous email program of this time has this option which allows senders to select options along with read receipt like never, always or on demand.

Therefore, the sender can choose any option as per his requirement. It starts working immediately when a recipient opens the mail; the program by email to recipient recognizes that option and sends delivery notification to sender which shows that the mail has read.

Web Bugs

It is another way to know if your mail has been entertained or just being ignored. Well, mainly this technique is used by spammers and this is a kind of the secretive way to check mail status by which a recipient remains unaware about read receipt that the sender gets immediately when he opens the mail.

However, many web users consider it as an unreliable way which is only used by spammers who do not really care about reliability but their prior motive is to get genuine email-IDs.

Thus, these two upper said ways are not reliable at all, hence your further query would be about knowing 100% reliable read receipts way and for this purpose, highly recommended way is to get control on email reading capability of the recipient. Following are few ways to do this job.

  • Save email message on your website which is under your control.
  • Inform recipient about an email which you have sent to that site and give recipients the access to see it.
  • The time recipient will use access credentials for viewing messages, the fact will be recorded. This way, you will get to know if your mail has retrieved and when. Moreover, you also will come to know the times your mail is being accessed and the IP addresses as well. If you wish to end up that access, then it is also possible anytime you want. To get all these features, we suggest you to get services of LuxSci’s Secure Line Escrow.
  • The program Secure Line Escrow helps users to make full control on recipient’s email and is completely safe and reliable way of knowing the status of your sent mail.
  • SpyPig Read Receipt Function: Like Secure Line Escrow, SpyPig is also a highly reliable tool that enables users to know if his or her sent mail is being read by recipient or still unread. The time, recipient opens the mail, SpyPig software informs sender through an Email. The tool is compatible for all latest email programs such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Eudora, Outlook or so on.

SpyPig can easily be handled. Like a natural spy, you can use it in a few minutes and here are a few steps to follow for correctly using services of SpyPig.

  • Put your own Email-ID.
  • Give a unique title (For notification purpose)
  • For tracking, use an image for custom tracking.
  • There is an activate button, so click on that and get your tracking image downloaded.

But one thing you have to remember that program will work if you and your recipient both are using HTML formatted mail IDs. It will not work with rich text or plain text formatted mails. For people who are desperately eager to know if their mail has been entertained or checked, SpyPig is a versatile tool indeed. So, here are all popular and reliable ways and tools that can help you knowing your email status, so, choose on any relevant for you now.

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