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How Much is the Student Discount in the Apple Store?

Apple, one of the leading tech giants, has long been a favorite among students for its innovative products and sleek designs. Whether you’re looking for a new MacBook for schoolwork, an iPad for taking notes, or any of their other high-quality products, the Apple Store offers significant discounts for students. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the student discount at the Apple Store, from eligibility requirements to the actual savings you can expect.

Understanding Apple’s Education Pricing

Apple’s commitment to education is evident in their specialized pricing for students, teachers, and educational institutions. This initiative, known as Apple Education Pricing, allows eligible customers to purchase Apple products at a reduced price. Here’s a closer look at how much you can save:

How Much Can You Save?

The exact amount of the discount can vary depending on the product, but generally, you can expect savings of up to 10% off the regular retail price. Here’s a breakdown of typical discounts:

  1. MacBooks: Discounts on MacBooks can range from $100 to $200 off the regular price, depending on the model and configuration.
  2. iPads: Students can save anywhere from $50 to $100 on iPads.
  3. Accessories and Software: Apple also offers discounts on accessories like Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, as well as on software like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

Eligibility for Apple’s Student Discount

To take advantage of Apple’s education pricing, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. Let’s delve into who qualifies for this discount.

Who is Eligible?

Apple’s education discounts are available to a wide range of individuals associated with educational institutions:

  1. College and University Students: Full-time or part-time students enrolled in a college or university are eligible.
  2. Parents of Students: Parents purchasing on behalf of their child who is a student can also qualify for the discount.
  3. Faculty and Staff: Employees of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are eligible.
  4. Homeschool Teachers: Individuals who homeschool their children can also access education pricing.

How to Verify Eligibility

Apple uses a third-party verification service called UNiDAYS to confirm your student status. Here’s how you can verify:

  1. Visit the UNiDAYS Website: Go to the UNiDAYS website and sign up with your school email address.
  2. Verify Your Student Status: Follow the prompts to verify your student status. This usually involves providing proof of enrollment, such as a student ID or a school email address.
  3. Access Apple Education Store: Once verified, you can access the Apple Education Store and start shopping with your discount.

Steps to Purchase with a Student Discount

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, purchasing with a student discount at the Apple Store is straightforward. Follow these steps to ensure you get the best deal:

Step-by-Step Guide to Purchase

  1. Visit the Apple Education Store: Go to the Apple Education Store online. This is a separate section of the Apple website specifically for education pricing.
  2. Select Your Products: Browse and select the products you wish to purchase. The discounted price will be displayed.
  3. Verify Your Eligibility at Checkout: If you haven’t already verified your student status, you may be prompted to do so during checkout.
  4. Complete Your Purchase: Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. You can choose to have your products shipped to you or pick them up at an Apple Store.

Best Products to Buy with a Student Discount

While the student discount applies to a wide range of Apple products, some items stand out as particularly good deals for students. Here are some of the best products to consider:

Top MacBook Models

  1. MacBook Air: Lightweight and powerful, the MacBook Air is ideal for students who need portability without sacrificing performance.
  2. MacBook Pro: For those who need more power, the MacBook Pro offers superior performance, making it perfect for tasks like video editing and graphic design.

Best iPads for Students

  1. iPad Air: The iPad Air strikes a balance between performance and affordability, making it a great choice for students.
  2. iPad Pro: If you need the most powerful iPad available, the iPad Pro is the way to go. It’s perfect for taking notes, drawing, and multitasking.

Must-Have Accessories

  1. Apple Pencil: Essential for note-taking and drawing on the iPad.
  2. Magic Keyboard: Turns your iPad into a mini laptop, making it easier to type and navigate.

Comparing Apple Student Discounts to Other Retailers

Apple isn’t the only place where you can find student discounts on Apple products. Several other retailers also offer student pricing. Here’s a comparison to help you decide where to shop:

Best Buy

Best Buy often matches Apple’s education pricing and sometimes even offers additional promotions. They also have a Student Deals program that includes discounts on a variety of electronics.


Amazon occasionally offers discounts on Apple products, especially during back-to-school season. However, these deals can be less predictable than Apple’s consistent education pricing.

Other Authorized Resellers

Stores like B&H Photo and Adorama also offer competitive pricing on Apple products for students. It’s worth checking their websites for current promotions and discounts.

Tips for Maximizing Your Student Discount

Getting the most out of your student discount involves more than just knowing where to shop. Here are some tips to help you save even more:

Timing Your Purchase

  1. Back-to-School Promotions: Apple often runs special promotions during the back-to-school season, which can include free accessories or additional discounts.
  2. Holiday Sales: Major shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can offer significant savings.

Trade-In Program

Apple’s Trade-In program allows you to trade in your old device for credit towards a new purchase. This can further reduce the cost of your new Apple products.

Financing Options

Apple offers financing options through the Apple Card, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchase over several months with 0% interest. This can make it easier to afford higher-priced items.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Student Discounts

To wrap up, here are answers to some common questions about Apple’s student discount program:

Can I Use My Student Discount in Apple Retail Stores?

Yes, you can use your student discount both online and in physical Apple Stores. Just bring proof of your student status, such as a student ID or verification email.

How Often Can I Use the Student Discount?

There’s no limit to how often you can use your student discount, but there may be restrictions on the number of products you can purchase within a year.

Can I Combine the Student Discount with Other Offers?

Generally, Apple’s student discount cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. However, checking for any exceptions during special sales events is always worth checking.


Apple’s student discount program is a fantastic way for students, parents, and educators to access high-quality technology at a reduced price. With savings of up to 10% on a range of products, this discount can make a significant difference in your budget. By understanding the eligibility requirements, knowing the best products to buy, and taking advantage of additional savings opportunities, you can maximize the benefits of Apple’s education pricing.

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