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How to Download Wikipedia for Offline Use

You can keep your Wikipedia files always with you even when you are offline. Learn how to download Wikipedia for offline use.

Do you have a passion for reading. Wikipedia has made database dumps for all you knowledge freaks who want to do a comprehensive reading till the last point of every single article of this massive encyclopedia, without caring about the Internet charges, which is through offline mode.

All you have to do is download these Wikipedia database dumps. Downloading these data dumps is not as easy as it sounds.

How to Download Wikipedia for Offline Use

Download Kiwix

You have to download a Wikipedia offline reader Kiwix. It is an open source software where you can download any content for offline use. It is highly recommended for Wikipedia Readers. You can download Kiwix for any Operating System, Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

Download .ZIM Files

Now you have to download a full .ZIM file which contains all the articles of Wikipedia. For storing Wikipedia content .ZIM is a file format is being used.

You will get many older versions as well as the latest versions of full fledged article files but without pictures to reduce the download size. It also shows the different languages and the file sizes, it depends on you which one you have to choose to read.

You can also download the combined pack on .ZIM file and Wikipedia Reader Kiwix at the size of 9.2GB plus also the versions of BitTorrent.

You can also download some of the smaller versions such as 6000 child friendly Wikipedia articles which is for 2.6GB, 30,000 best Wikipedia articles 2.3GB or English Wikipedia whose file size is only 730MB. After installing these .ZIM files you can start reading with Wikipedia offline reader Kiwix.

How to Read with Kiwix Reader

In this Wikipedia Reading Software You have to click on Open file folder, Get the ZIM file loaded, on loading, it will display all the articles consisting in that ZIM file.

Enable the prompted option which Kiwix would ask for content indexing which will help you for searching your content easily. There is a “Screencast video” which gives you a tutorial for Kiwix reader about How to browse Wikipedia articles in the offline mode and how you can find the information which you need.

We hope these tips will help you to download Wikipedia and never let you get bored while you are travelling next time and help you to acquire and share your knowledge.

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