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Heek offers the ultimate user-friendly Website Builder in the form of a Chatbot

In recent times, there have been several Artificial intelligence based applications introduced in the market like Apple iPhone’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana which provide interactive voice responses to the users and helps them accomplish certain basic tasks through voice commands. In the same fashion, a Paris based start-up named Heek has come up with a brand new idea of an interactive chatbot that helps you build professional websites from the scratch just by chatting over text and answering some simple questions.


How it works?

As soon as you setup an account with Heek, you will be allowed to interact with a conversational interface where the chatbot asks questions about yourself, like your name, your profession or the type of business you are running, the products you sell etc. and presents you with list of suitable templates based on the details you provide in the chat. It also allows users to click and edit the template including the background colours, menu options, navigation buttons, animations etc., and customize the website according to their requirements. It also prompts users to save their work periodically and allows them to modify it anytime as per their wish in just click of a button.

Though majority of chatbots come with certain predefined features and restrictive limitations leading to frustrating experience for its users, Heek does a tremendous job by offering the best possible options for users to build a professional and well-organized website. The templates are very attractive and can be customized in any way as per the requirements of the user without requiring any knowledge about web designing technologies HTML, CSS or PHP. You can upload your pictures and logos anytime and add them to your website. The chatbot also suggests some tips to improvise the design of your website and it appears as if there is a real human representative sitting on the other side to help us.

Heek starts the questionnaire by asking the name of the user, the company name and type of business they run which can be anything like Charity organization, Music industry, Education industry, E-commerce store etc. It then presents the list of templates to choose from which can be later edited by the users according to their wish. In order to accept a suggestion provided by Heek, users should click the “OK” button or select “No Thanks” so that Heek will show you the next available option. It will also provide suggestions like adding your business address, navigation menu etc. to improvise your website.


The Team:

Heek is headed by Nicolas Fayon who is the CEO and co-founder of the company. He was also earlier the CEO of another website named PageYourself which is an online tool that allows users to customize their Facebook page. Remi Sezille acts as the CTO of the company and manages the full-stack development and other technical stuff. They currently have 10 people working under them and are making decent revenue through subscriptions from customers across the globe.

heek team



Heek charges their users $30 per month for a monthly subscription and for users who opt for a yearly subscription they offer 2 months discount which equals to just $25 per month. For new users who want to get an idea of how Heek works, they provide a 14 day free trial to get started with.

Great tool for Small Business owners:

Heek is the first of its kind conversational website builder and is one of the easiest tools for small business and professionals who don’t have the time or knowledge to create customized website on their own. Since it’s very simple and user-friendly, many small businesses have started using Heek to bring their business online instantly. The service is very simple and easy to use. It is a great tool for small business owners who don’t have enough budgets to hire a professional designer or the technical expertise to manage a website on their own.

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