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Google’s AI Beats Doctors In Detecting Cancer – Top Trending Stories

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Google’s AI Beats Doctors In Detecting Cancer, Will It Change Healthcare Forever?


Image Credits: Mike MacKenzie

According to the latest research, Google’s AI has the ability to detect breast cancer better than the experts themselves. The research looked into the screened mammograms from both Google’s AI computer and human professionals. According to the report, AI was as good as humans in detecting breast cancer but it outperformed humans in detecting false positives. Health experts are predicting AI’s expanded role in other health-related issues. Researchers from the US and UK did this study and the report is published in the journal Nature. Link.



Social Media A Danger To Democracy – US Chief Justice


Image Credit: AP Nati Harnik

The US Chief Justice John Roberts has warned against the danger of social media to democracy. He emphasized the need for better civic education when it comes to social media. According to him, social media can spread misinformation and cause serious damage to society. He will be responsible for the upcoming impeachment hearing of President Trump, presiding as the Chief Justice in the senate. Chief Justice John Roberts has so far stayed away from any sort of politics-related comment. Link.



Is Virtual Acoustics The Future? Apple Patents Technology

Apple-macbok-pro 13 inch 2009

Image Credit: Flickr James Chao

Apple has patented a new audio technology that will feature in its Macbook range. The tech will give the impression of sound not directly coming from the laptop. The patent was found by Patently Apple. This latest tech will work both indoors and outdoors. Link.



Some Vaping Flavours Might Go Away Forever – President Trump

A lady Vaping

Image Credit: Flickr Veronique Thomazo

President Trump might put out some of the vaping flavors out of the market for the benefit of both the e-cigarettes and families affected by it. Speaking to the media on New Year from his Florida resort he said, “We’re going to protect our families, we’re going to protect our children, and we’re going to protect the industry.” Link.



Samsung’s AI Human Revealed, Only Briefly


Image Credit: Slashgear

The secret AI technology from Samsung called NEON artificial human from STAR Labs has been briefly revealed. For the past several months, Samsung was rumored to be working on a secret technology at its experimental lab. Link.


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