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Hey ‘Google’, Start considering ‘Bing’ your Competitor

Get traffic from Bing. is driving us ‘organic traffic’ at 4th overall spot at the moment. The complete details are given below.

We all have been hearing things about, the latest (or revamped) search engine from Microsoft. It has been tagged by many industry analysts as the ‘Google Killer’, which it might not be, for years to come but I am myself able to see few interesting things happening. There are the two strange observations :

1. is actually driving ‘Organic traffic’ to TechPluto

Get traffic from Bing

It might be quite temporary because of all that hype and promotions floating everywhere courtesy ‘Deep pocketed Microsoft’ but the fact is that is driving us ‘organic traffic’ at 4th overall spot at the moment. It’s astounding to see Microsoft’s newly born search engine, driving more visitors to us than long established, another popular search engine, which Microsoft once wanted to acquire. In my opinion, Microsoft’s decision of abandoning Yahoo’s acquisition (due to its silly tantrums) has proven to be a Blessing in Disguise for Microsoft.

Yahoo may come up with many more search features and enhancements but honestly, the homepage itself gives Yahoo!, a Portal sort of feeling, not a Search Engine.

But if the organic traffic from is the result of pure hype (and will soon disappear) then why didn’t this temporary search traffic appear in case of Cuil’s launch, the much hyped ‘Google Killer’, that hardly killed anybody. We will have to wait for a month or so and it will be crystal clear what’s the actual fate of

2. is Google‘s competitor. We agree to it but Google doesn’t !

Look at the our weblog’s Google Analytics account snapshot at the right side of this post. There, you will see at the 4th spot(confirming the first point). We have pointed out in the snapshot that ‘Google analytics‘ is accounting traffic from as “Referral” not “Organic”, like Google and Yahoo.

What this implies is that Google hasn’t yet started accounting as a Search engine and subsequently the traffic from it as ‘Organic’ in nature. It’s not really something that would bother any of us but i wrote about it simply because i wanted you guys to know something new relating to (Aren’t you bored of the never ending hype of’s been among the ‘Top Trending topics’ at Twitter consistently for over a week now…Whooh!).

Anyways, this discrepency in Google Analytics will soon vanish, the moment folks at Google notice it.

By the way, if you’re looking to drive decent traffic from then you just need to be patient. It seems the web crawlers of aren’t as lazy as or even Getting traffic from should be quite the same as driving organic traffic from…Just keep writing relevant content with basic SEO practices in place.

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