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5 Important Email Security Tips You Should Know

Your Email ID contain many confidential mails sent and received. 5 important Email security tips you should know to keep your account secure.

Separate email accounts

Do you use just one email account for all your personal activities? Your website registration, Facebook notifications, newsletters and your personal messages are in one single account then; you should give it a second thought.

Email Security Tips

If somehow, someone tries to hack your account, he will get access to all personal information which would be present into your Inbox.

This is why one should make separate email accounts for personal communication with friends and family, work account for your office emails, separate account for your website registration, notifications, newsletters etc. And a waste account for all the spam links. This way if someone tries to hack your work account, your personal information will still be safe.

Unique Passwords

One should always make the best possible unique passwords for your email accounts. Even if you have just one single main account then also, don’t forget to keep it unique. If you have multiple accounts, then do not use the same password for all the accounts.

If somehow someone tries to figure out your email password and get to see your Facebook notifications and eBay reminders in your inbox then he might test the same password for your other personal accounts too.

Clicking Links in emails

One should never click any unknown email link through your inbox; it might redirects you to a website which infects your computer with viruses, malwares, spywares etc (Except game account activation email or website registration links).

Never copy-paste the bill payment links of your banking website into the Address Bar of your Internet browser or never directly click on the link, always go manually. These are the simple ways of phishing protection.

Do not open Unknown Attachments

If you are expecting to get an attachment from your known personnel’s then you may go ahead, click and download the attachment. But opening an attachment sent from unknown sources is “foolishness”.

Even if the images look safe, they might infect your system. Suppose you click an unknown .jpeg file as an attachment. It might get downloaded as an .exe file with a spoofed name without your knowledge, will automatically runs after downloading and can badly swarm your system.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

One should avoid using public Wi-Fi or public computers. While using public Wi-Fi your email account ID, Password, can be hacked with the help of a programme called network-sniffer, which runs in the background of some hacker’s device, through which he can keep a track of all the data flowing through that wireless network.

There are many Trojans keyloggers which can hack your passwords while you are using the public computers.

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