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Email Server Too Slow? Try Archiving

This article will help you with some of the Easy email archiving solutions. Find the complete details below.

Over recent years, businesses have been increasingly struggling with the emerging challenges of exponential data growth.

15 years ago, managing growing email storage wasn’t such a big problem. You could simply set maximum storage limits on user accounts, and enforce deletion policies to maintain small email archives.

But then, a few things changed almost simultaneously:

  • Email became much more frequently used as a primary business communication channel
  • Thanks to faster bandwidth & easier access to multimedia tools, the average size of attachments began to grow very quickly
  • New laws required companies to store several years worth of historical email data in order to protect themselves from future legal action

All of these factors have combined to form a snowball effect.

Although the price of storage and processing power is steadily falling, it’s still not falling fast enough to accommodate for this rapid growth. As a result, email servers accumulate data more quickly, slowing down their performance.

And in the event that historical data must be searched, the average email server simply doesn’t have the processing power to quickly and effectively search through several years’ worth of archival emails.

By moving your email archiving to “the cloud”, you can help relieve a lot of these pressures.

Through Software as a Service (SaaS) email archiving, you can automate your archiving, retention, deletion and classification policies while ensuring that this data can be quickly accessed for disaster recovery or search.

These systems take inactive data off of your email server, which optimizes performance by freeing up resources. And if your users need their archives, they can gain access to this data through the third-party archiving service.

And in case of a discovery or search requests, these SaaS email archiving providers have access to massive, powerful datacenters that can quickly retrieve whatever data you’re looking for… much faster than you could ever do it in-house.

Although email archiving doesn’t completely replace a proper backup process, it complements backup very well in a manner that can reduce your data management costs while improving the performance of your existing infrastructure.

If your company has been struggling with exponential data growth, you may want to consider looking into email archiving as a possible solution.

About The Author: Storagepipe has been providing online backup software, email archiving services and other hosted data protection applications since 2001.

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