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Create your Own Custom Game Controller

If you want to explore a very new experience in gaming through playing with your own game controller , learn here the way of creating your own custom game controller . 

 Creating a game controller is not rocket science! Just a little knowledge of electrical circuits and knack for engineering and eureka, you will have created your own video game controller. You will have to create closed circuits that will be maneuvered with buttons. If you are still skeptical, then here are the steps that you must follow-

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The prerequisites of creating a game controller are-

1.       A Gamepad: you can use the gamepad from any kind- PC, XBox, PS2, Xbox 360 or any other. In each case, the controllers are similar just very simple variations.

2.       Soldering Tools/ Glue Gun: soldering tools can be acquired from any electrical shop and the glue gun to in available readily. In case you do not want to invest in soldering tools, you can use the glue gun instead.

3.       Cables: The thinner varieties of cables are more preferable since they fit in adequately.

4.       Micro Switches: even though joining the ends of cables with a conductor can serve a switch, yet micro switches are more convenient.


Step One

Plug in your game controller and turn into power. Check if all the buttons are working properly. Press all the buttons because half way you would not like any loophole.

Step Two

With the use of a screwdriver remove all the screws. Take out the inner pad of control from the plastic casing.

Step Three

Now here comes the real engineering part! Follow the cables and check that each button has its own cable for maneuvering. Keep only a single cable for your custom game controller. Now cancel one of the cables and then drill a hole in a positive, and you will be able to recognize it among the two green lines.

Step Four

Now in the game controller the number of buttons that exist need a cable each, solder the same number of cables. Using another color of wire, create the positive current connection. Take care to measure the length of each cable before installing them so that from the soldering point and the switch they might fit accordingly.

Step Five

Now plug the controller again into the current and then check if the wires and buttons are syncing. You can fix the wires in place with the help of hot glue.

Step Six

After doing this just attach one positive and one negative cable to the switch that is situated in the controller. You can use a micro switch or even a piece of metal that can conduct electricity. The switches too can be glued to the plastic casing.

This is a very basic tutorial, and there is an unfathomable amount of variations that you can create. For example, you can choose to install a full button set for various kinds of bullets in gaming options. Bullet shells will be resembled by the buttons to be fired by you at your convenience. Many even feel that increases their ease and chances of winning!

General Knowledge:

You must be wondering the principle behind a game controller. As soon as you press down the button, the circuit of the controller is closed and the current flows through to it. The electric power then flows to the desired destination, the control button and fulfills the command that it is supposed to do.

The control pad can be created just out of cardboard. Regarding the controller too, you could add any shape or any material. You can even create out of vinyl or any other material.

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