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Turn off Auto backup Nexus 5

Google has provided both Gallery and Camera modes in Nexus 5 due to which photos can be viewed in photos and gallery utility both which is irritating the users , turning off auto backup is a right option for this problem , learn how to turn off auto backup of Nexus 5 .

Identical functions:

It is no “News” that the Nexus 5 was introduced about six months back at least for the tech and gadget enthusiasts. One of the utilities available in Nexus 5 is the auto back up of photos. If you view the photos taken on Nexus 5, you would notice duplicate images both on the Photos and Gallery utility of the mobile phone. People believe it is an overlapping function. Of course, generally it appears so. Even the photos available in these two modes will give you access to all the functions like for example adding filters, frame images and so on.

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The issue involved:

But, when you look at this with a closer view; you would get in to the real issues involved in it.Gallery is a standard app for all Android platforms. But, as per Google definition both Gallery and Camera are available as standalone apps. This is exactly what has happened in Nexus 5. This is because, the Google as per its standard app model has both Gallery and Camera as utilities. This is done by a process of integration. Therefore, true to their standard app methodologies, Google has provided both Gallery and Camera modes in Nexus 5. Due to this some of the manufacturers want to stay away from Google app. However, they cannot do so because; they cannot stay away from Google and integration modes which means; using both Gallery and Camera modes.  Now users are in piquant situation and are unable to decide which of these modes they should preserve; whether Gallery or Camera?  Some people suggest it is ideal to use Gallery mode but there are some who suggest turning off auto back up in Nexus 5 which is considered a much more sensible way to deal with this “bug”.

Turn off Auto Back Up:

Google has made the end users’ job really easy by giving them the option to switch back and forth between turning the Auto-backup on and off. This is a unique feature because it gives you the option to make use of this utility at your discretion. For this purpose, you should use either Desktop or Android app or iOS app or mobile web utilities. Now, you should carefully follow the user friendly menu that helps you to delete the auto back up mode. Similarly, if you want to reintroduce the auto back up, follow the steps given in the Google help section.

For instance, to turn off or on the setting screen, begin with the “Photos” app. Now, tap on menu button and go to settings mode. Then tap on Auto back up mode. Next, tap to “uncheck” auto back up folder. If you want to turn of individual folder from auto back up folder, then you should tap on the photos app. Now, browse to photos menu available at the left top area of the screen. Then, go to folders and toggle on to the cloud icon. With that you can turn off the auto back up mode. As a matter of fact, the entire process of turning off or on the auto back up mode is quite simple and quick.

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