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How to upload more than 25MB on hotmail

Uploading heavy data always remained a problem for people , lets learn the way of uploading heavier than 25MB on your Hotmail .

In the initial stages of emailing nobody expected to send files bigger than 2MB as attachment. But, as technology advanced and different kinds of files came into being. People started sending not just routine text but pictures, videos, presentations and all kinds of files which could not be limited to 1 or 2 MB. Now everyone sends files that are larger than 5MB as a matter of routine. If you are a hotmail user you know the limits of your attachment. So, if you want to send a file that is say bigger than 25MB what should you do? As with most things on the net, there is a solution to this problem or rather many solutions.

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Microsoft offers SkyDrive through which you can transfer files that are bigger than 10MB. Other email services like Gmail also offer their own version but Microsoft was the first to do so. To send a big file, once you have typed you mail, click on attachments on the insert tab of message toolbar. Next find the file that you want to attach. Select that. Now if your file is large say 26 MB then you will see a message which will state that the file size and that you should use SkyDrive to send it instead. If you click on attach it will be automatically added to SkyDrive. Now, how can the person at the other end can view it? When the recipient receives the mail he will also get this line in the message ‘*** has a file to share on SkyDrive. To view it click the link below’ where *** is your emailid. All the person has to do is click on the link and he can view it.

If you don’t want to use SkyDrive then other options are also available.

Toobigforemail is a service that allows you to receive or send files which have a maximum size of 2GB. All you need to do is fill in a form giving your details and then click on the upload button.

Another popular service for sending large files is Dropsend. It has different options to choose from which are Lite, Basic, Standard and Professional. The Lite option is free whereas the others are paid services. If you chose Lite plan then you can send or receive files upto a size of 2GB. But there is a limit on how many times you can send a file. The maximum is 5 times in a month.

Gigasize is also a similar service which has two options. One is the basic and other is the premium. The basic plan is free and allows you a capacity of 2GB. There are many such options available and all you have to do is find a service that is appropriate for you. Most of them offer free and paid options. Obviously the more facilities you require the more you have to pay. So if you want your files to be transferred in a secure environment you will have to go in for the paid services.

Some of these services are not just available for desktops but also for phones. EmailLargeFile doesn’t offer large space as it offers only 200MB for each file. But, it does have iPhone and Android apps. So if you are sending files from your tablet or phone you can still send large files without first shifting the file to your computer.

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