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Best Exchange Client for Android Phones 2014

Looking for some best email exchange clients for your android. Check out our list of best exchange client for Android phones in 2014.

Android’s Gmail client appears to be wholly satisfactory though its standard IMAP client has room for improvement. K-9 Mail, that is available free, is the preferred choice of experts for all non-Gmail accounts because of its easy configurability and flexibility.

Best exchange client for Android phones
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1 . K-9 Mail:

  • K-9 triumphs over because of the amazing number of configuration settings. Many clients may offer you mail facility but not all will enable you to organize them in a manner K-9 does.
  • Each individual has a unique way of managing email and the noteworthy fact is K-9 allows you to do it in your own preferred way instead of compromising on features it offers.
  • K-9 is a perfect app except for the fact a few worthwhile features are absent. Just to cite one example, one cannot ferret out the messages on the server.

2 . MailDroid :

  • MailDroid is favored by many because it is more user-friendly. The only drawback is MailDroid have fewer options than K9. The pro version of MailDroid is also prohibitively costly.
  • For those using Gmail account, the native Gmail client is an excellent alternative. Labeling K-9 as the best email client can apply only to non-Gmail accounts.
  • Email is an extraordinary vehicle for business communication unsurpassed by any other. Having a reliable email client is sure to make a world of difference to your overall productivity.
  • There is a plethora of email clients when it comes to the Android platform. A few of them are exceedingly good while many others are sub-standard. Few of the clients are restricted to a single account/service, while the rest connect to multiple accounts/services.

3 . TouchDown:

  • The unique characteristic of TouchDown HD is it is an Exchange-only email client. But TouchDown can sync your Exchange email, contacts, calendar and tasks. Besides, it provides you access to each one of these items from within a single interface.
  • TouchDown is extremely configurable and provides SD card support. It has ample widgets to add to the home screen.

4 . Boomerang:

  • Boomerang is a free email app but only for Gmail and Google Apps accounts. Boomerang undeniably offers several remarkable features.
  • Boomerang offers features like support for “Send as,” account specific themes, snooze email messages, customizable multi-gesture support, schedule messages for sending later, track responses to your outgoing emails, search through all messages across all Gmail folders and lot more. Interestingly, you can set up swipe actions using Boomerang.
  • The shortcoming is Boomerang presently works only with Gmail. There are future plans to include Yahoo, Exchange, and other types of email accounts.

5 . Emoze:

  • Emoze is a free and an user-friendly email client that concentrates on push email and besides, it supports multiple accounts – Exchange, Google, Y!, OWA, Hotmail, IMAP, Outlook365 and POP3 (Figure G).
  • It needs to be stated that Emoze has a well-conceived interface and provides opulent text email composition, synchronization of calendars and contacts,  push folder selections, a personalize inbox with Facebook pictures and many more.

6 . Aqua Mail :

  • Aqua Mail supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, – apart from IMAP, POP3, Lotus Notes etc. Exchange and Lotus needs IMAP to be enabled. A salient feature about Aqua Mail is it helps you to keep organized. It has a remarkably intuitive interface that lets you to effortlessly navigate around the client.
  • Yet another noteworthy feature of Aqua Mail is the built-in database compact. By compressing the database, you save lot of space.

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