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Windows 8 Pre Xtreme Edition Theme for Windows 7

Here in this article we will tell you how to get Windows 8 pre xtreme edition theme for Windows 7.

Brief introduction:

Here’s yet another innovation from Microsoft; the windows 8 pre xtreme edition x86 & x64 keygen based on windows 7 F! Nal. As a matter of fact, Windows 8 is totally independent software, in the sense no part of the original Windows 7 software is stripped out to create Windows 8. This makes the software totally compatible with other Windows versions. The software has undergone extensive field trial on a range of computers running varied hardware and software configurations .Every default application is applied just before the start up and as a result, this has accelerated the speed from its earlier siblings.

Salient features of the software:

For effective search operations, Windows 8 is provided with a search engine with search system folder. There is increased network throughput and right click is governed by a new Cmd file. W7 and IE8 are provided with new switches. The enhanced tweak has increased the compatibility of the software. For effective consolidation of fragmented data, automatic defragmentation process with Diskeeper is also provided. For better navigation, a separate utility is provided for viewing the file extension. For better security, the Windows 8 has disabled for User Account Control (UAC). As a result, it prevents hacking by strangers. By disabling UAC, effective permission is made more stringent and thereby Windows 8 has made taking ownership much easier. To this effect, the ownership tab has been moved to the top of the screen.

Know more about windows 8 pre xtreme edition
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For making the permission stringent, two tabs have been included namely; basic permission and advanced permission. Clear type optimization is yet another feature found on Windows 8. As you may be aware, Clear type is one of the special features on LCD monitors which makes the image or the data on the screen much clear. While booting or shutting down, you are not kept in dark about the process going on. The Windows 8 will tell you the process that is going on both while booting and while shutting down.

Design Nitty-gritties:

The design of the software is brand new. For example it has user friendly start button. It has HD system icons, wallpapers also integrated in system. It has improved version of Windows 7 Themes. 3D FX curser is another notable design improvement made in Windows 8. Logon screen is made more visible. Apart from these, there are other improvements in the design like for example Windows scheme sounds, User account Pics, SPTD integration and so on. Remember these are some of the improvements that have been brought out in Windows 8.

Users worldwide have downloaded Windows 8 on to their system since Microsoft started rolling out evaluation copies and they have tweaked to say it is excellent, albeit after few initial bumpy laps. With time it has turned out to be user friendly and the added features have made multitasking a hassle free affair. The process of downloading on to your system is simple and it does not take much of your time to download. If you are copying to the DVD using a DVD burning software, make sure the iso file is burnt at the lowest speed.

Finally the keygen

The “keygen” as more fondly known for key generators lets you activate your copy of Windows 8 pre Xtreme in seconds. A bunch of torrent websites host download locations for these freeware and gives you precise information to activate the trial to a functional full version. However we encourage the end users to purchase a legit copy of the software and enjoy the host of features which comes along with the Windows 8 pre Xtreme seamlessly!

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