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How to get windows 8 back to classic view

It feels wonderful when you work on the latest technology with its classic view  – Get your windows 8 back to Classic view .

When Microsoft launched Windows 8 they didn’t bargain for the number of angry users. They were angry primarily because Windows 8 had lost many of the things that the users were familiar with in Windows 7. So for those of you who want your Windows 7 look but want to have the functionality of Windows 8 here’s how you can do it.

One of the changes that seem that to have driven the users up the wall is the change to the start screen. When you switch on the device Windows 8 goes straight to the start screen and there is no start menu. Undoubtedly there are many advantages to the start screen but those who want the start menu don’t care about all that.

There are many options available which can help you

 First there is Classic Shell.

They claim to be a “collection of features that were older version of Windows but were later removed”. Once you have installed Classic Shell you can click on the Windows orb to choose the features that you want. So you choose whether you want just the basic settings or all. You can also select between a simple single paneled menu or a dual paneled one. The menu performs just like you would expect it to – displaying shortcuts to program, documents and settings; run and command fields are present; help takes you directly to Windows help. The shut down option also gives you the choices that you are used to. Classic Shell also lets you make customized changes. You can even change XML files. More details can be found on their FAQ page.

 Another popular option is Pokki for Windows 8.

It was developed by SweetLabs and they offer a well designed start menu. From this menu you can find all your programs and even open folders like Documents, Pictures and Music. T There is even a search field that lets you search for any program. The shut down button offers the familiar shut down options. In the latest update, a new folder called Windows 8 Apps links directly to the Windows Store.

How to get windows 8 back to classic view
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 Power 8 is another start menu replacer.

This also displays the start menu in the space where you are used to finding it and has the familiar two paneled menu. On the left pane you can find your favorite applications and programs using the Program Menu. The right pane is used for opening programs you want to specifically use like Computer, Libraries, Network, Control Panel and Administrative tools. There is the familiar search field at the bottom as also the Run command. The Shut down option can also be accessed easily. If you right click the start button then a pop-up menu appears which lets you customize Power 8.

Retro UI tries to combine the two worlds of Windows UI and standard desktop.

Their start menu looks different from the other programs. So, when you click on Start you get a menu filled with tiles and block similar to the start screen. The right panel gives you access to libraries, Control Panel, Programs and other folders. The left panel shows icons for both standard desktop application and Windows 8 applications. The Run command and Shut Down option work as expected. There are separate buttons for Start Screen, Charms bar, Task Switcher and the Windows8 Search Screen. Retro UI can be used on tablets which use windows too.

These are some of the popular options available to get your classic view back. But there others like Start 8, StartMenuPlus8, Start Menu Reviver and so on.

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