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Uninstall XKIT on Mac?

If you are new to MAC & are facing problems in uninstalling xkit from it, then you are at right article. Here we will show you how to Uninstall XKIT on a Mac in four easy steps.

Mac OS users find their devices much enhanced than the regular PCs .There are several differences between a regular PC and Mac when it comes to installing and uninstalling programs. Although the procedure is quite similar, the labels used in each of these devices are different. Therefore one needs to learn all these interfaces before starting to work on any of these devices. It might be tad bit confusing for anybody who is trying to switch from the usage of a Mac to basic PC or vice versa. Nonetheless uninstalling programs on Mac is much easier than doing it on other contemporary platforms.
Mac was developed by Apple Inc., which is the same company that developed Apple computers. Other than the Windows OS, Mac is one of the most used operating systems which people commonly use in their PCs and laptops. Mac Os X 10.9.3 is the latest version introduced into the market. It contains several user friendly features for providing the users with the best platform for installing their favourite apps.

How to Uninstall XKIT on Mac?
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What is XKIT?

Tumblr finds the major utility for XKIT. Tumblr is a place which provides a micro blogging platform to people which is also used as a social networking website. The website allows users to post multimedia messages in the form of pictures, videos and blogs. The website even offers the users to use the dashboard features and post their content following which they can publish their blog posts.

XKIT is a collection of tools that is used in Tumblr for easier blogging experience. Although it is an independent application, its incorporation in micro blogging website has made it even easier to handle.
Downloading and installing XKIT in a Mac system is free of charge. The number of features it supports is umpteen. Through the use of XKIT, you can view and reply to other’s messages without navigating away from the dashboard, blacklist messages, change appearance and themes of the dashboard, add pictures to the blog, check who followed and unfollowed you etc. You can see pictures by hovering the mouse over the same. The utilities are just vast enough to let you enjoy a nice blogging experience.

How to Uninstall XKIT on Mac:-

Uninstalling loaded applications on Mac systems is easier than any other operating system. Following is the step by step process on how to uninstall the same –

  1. Go to Mac’s desktop and double click the mouse on “Macintosh HD”. You can see the contents inside the systems, such as System, Library and Application
  2. If you want to uninstall XKIT app, then click on “Application” icon which will enlist all the apps installed into the system.
  3. Make a review on the list of applications and select the particular application (in this case it is XKIT).
  4. Preferences and Extensions ay show up the XKIT icon. Just click on the same to uninstall the app from Mac OS.

The steps mentioned above lets you uninstall the XKIT app along with all its toolbars and features from your Mac device.

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