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Top 5 Best Torrent Clients for Android Phones

Want to download Torrents while on the move. Here’s the top 5 best torrent clients for android phones.      

All of use torrent for downloading feature films, video, music and lot more. The standard practice is to download torrent files on our personal computers. But things have dramatically changed with the advent of smartphones.

You can now download torrents files directly onto your smartphones. It is therefore time now to assess and ascertain which are the best torrent downloaders for Android phones.

Please know that to download torrent onto Android phones you require a smartphone with Android 2.3 or higher and the hardware to right specifications. These are necessary to enable torrents files to be stored and downloaded on Android phones.

Because torrent files may be stored in large numbers directly on Android phone, it is recommended that you opt for high storage memory capacity – though storage will be needed based on the size of torrent file.

Best torrent downloader for android phones
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Utorrent – Utorrent is arguably the most sought-after torrent downloader and it is one the best Android app for downloading torrent files on android device. Utorrent app is available for free. You can also obtain Pro version from play store. Though some functionality is absent, Utorrent Android app performs best for downloading torrent file on any Android device.

aTorrent –

Technically speaking, aTorrent is a Native P2P Bitorrent software meant for Android phones. aTorrent facilitates easy downloading of files onto your phone / tablet. It has some magnificent features like torrent search dialog, multiple parallel download, no limit to size, supports magnet links etc.

tTorrent lite –

tTorrent lite is the most preferred torrent downloader of many for Android app. This can be aptly described as an extremely versatile torrent downloader Android app. tTorrent lite offers all bit torrent features such as torrent search, speed limit, WI-FI mode, tracking etc.

Bit Torrnt Beta –

Bit torrent beta is an excellent torrent downloader app. This supports a host of unique features. This has a remarkably seamless mobile integration and extremely smooth UI and commendable torrent seeding capacity. Bit torrent beta will automatically find a place in any best torrent downloaders lists.

aDownloader –

adownloader is yet another marvelous torrent downloader app that support torrent search mode, wifi only mode etc. Interestingly, you can download this torrent downloader directly from Google play store for free. aDownloader has all the features that other torrent downloaders enjoy except for some bug issue. Once this is set right, adownloader will find a pride of place among best torrent downloader app on Android.

Vuze Torrent Downloader has enormous rich features like task completion alerts, straightforward interface, Wi-Fi only setting. auto-start on device reboot, control torrent download/ upload speed, simple torrent search and discovery, etc. This is a torrent download one can afford to overlook.

Android torrent downloader apps helps download the torrent files at a reasonably high speed  and allows you to find your torrent files with ease and most of them are available absolutely free of cost.

Since there is a host of torrent downloader’s for Android phones, it is rather difficult to dispassionately select the best ones.

With the shortlisted downloaders, you can easily manage all your torrent downloads and enjoy a lot of functions like partial download, multiple parallel downloading, control download/upload speeds, option to pause/resume etc.

None of these torrent downloaders will impede the functioning of the Android phone as downloading runs in background non-intrusively.

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