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Android Auto Reject Mode

Unwanted Calls are something which are making you feel uncomfortable and you want to get rid of it , learn the all new Android auto reject mode and stay free from SPAM calls .

Hands down useful utility:

Android has come out with a highly effective utility which enables you to get rid of unwanted/SPAM calls. Known as auto reject mode it is yet another improvisation introduced by Android over the conventional reject button. With this mode, you can effortlessly block unwanted calls Of course; the procedure depends on the Android version your mobile phone is running on. This reject mode is supported by Android apps user friendly menu.

How to activate the mode?

Android has evolved a system of customizing call rejection mode menu. You need to first switch on the call rejection mode. Next tap on the auto reject list followed by the + icon in the auto rejection mode. Here you can create or choose the telephone number you want to reject from the contact list. You can further define the auto reject list by using the ‘same as’ or ‘Ends with’ or ‘Starts with’ or the ‘includes’ tabs. Once you have defined the list save the list by tapping the ‘save’ button. You can also send the reject message by creating an appropriately worded message or you can even select a suitable message from the text available in the mobile phone.

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Some of the featured blocking modes:

There is another unique feature in this auto reject mode. You can activate the Google voice to block the calls. By activating the Google voice you could block unwanted calls in seconds, all you need to do is choose the number and add him to the blocked list. More information about this mode is available on the Google Voice help menu. Another method is by activating Android apps. This allows you to block a specific number or even a specific area code. This real time update facility is available free on Android. Another utility available in Android is ‘call control’. This utility is compatible to FCC. Here you can create a ‘do not call registry’ and add a list of spam numbers. This becomes a spam directory. The app takes care to block the number instantaneously and is available for a modest fee of $8. You also enjoy 14 days free trial.

Other popular call blockers:

Extreme call blocker is another very useful app available in Google Play. In the list mode, you can send the unwanted call to the voice mailbox and the voice mail immediately rejects the call. This app can also be used for outgoing calls. The Android auto rejection mode has a stealth device and it works in the background silently without even consuming too much of phone resource. This app is available for only $6. Further to this, apps can even block SMS and could be used as contact blocking devices.

Before installing any app you should go through the review and then choose an app that meets your specific requirement. Make sure that the app you choose doesn’t conflict with the antivirus software installed on your mobile. Browse to know more about these apps.

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