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How to get windows 8 theme on DreamBoard

The latest wish of people is getting Windows 8 theme on their dream board , if you wish to have it, learn here the ways of having Windows 8 theme on your dream board .

Even though iphone/ipad users love their devices they do all that they can to give them an individualistic look and feel. They will try out all possible things to change the way the device looks and behaves. And getting Windows 8 theme is just one such change. Users used to take the help of WinterBoard applications to develop new themes before the advent of DreamBoard. DreamBoard gives users a chance to develop advanced themes. It has taken away almost all the disadvantages of traditional methods of developing themes. The popularity of Windows 8 theme has meant that iOS users are clamoring for it on their devices. Here are some apps which will help you do that.

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Metro by Rigaton1 was one of the first apps to show a Windows 8 theme. It is made up of lots of tiles (21) out of which two are animated. The setting up of Metro is also easy as it does not require any outside help. There are also 11 types of color variations. Metro does not require you to respring your phone. Another feature is the RSS reader. The RSS reader shows the time in an animated manner. It also lets you access all the installed apps. You also get a calendar and weather widget. These widgets don’t take up lot of your memory as the pages are loaded dynamically. For all the features that it has Metro is relatively cheap.

Another popular application is the OS7 by Andrew Lui . It gives many features like automatically creating home page tiles and listing the installed applications in alphabetical order. The Start Menu can be customized. The Start Menu is available on the main screen and you can pin your apps to it. These then are seen as Window phone tiles. The OS7 is a plug and play theme app but does not require any additional plug ins. It is available free of charge.

Then there is Metro 8 by Rigaton1. It has two versions – basic and advanced. Obviously the advanced setup has more features than the basic one but they are packaged together. You have the choice of deciding which option you want. The features include having to scroll horizontally across the home screen. There are different headings for different sections. The sections are animated and have their own backgrounds. Each section contains different applications. You can scroll both vertically and horizontally across the sections.

Paragon by EndFinity is another app that not only changes your home careen but also your lock screen. At the bottom of the lock screen you will get the unread messages and to get to them you have slide up. If the sliding is not done properly a bouncing animation appears with the lock screen in the background. The home screen has the familiar tiled view of Windows 8. There are three basic tiles which are people, phone and music. Peopletile shows your contacts pictures in an animated manner. You can customize the tiles by changing its shape and size. You can add or remove tiles too. If you want to remove then just touch the pin icon on the tile when you are in wiggle mode. If you want to add just swipe to the left of where you want to place the tile and then touch on the app that you want to be tiled. You can also change volume. Like the Metro 8 Paragon also is not free.

There are more apps available, all you have to do is look for them.

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