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Connect Android Tablet to TV Without HDMI

Enjoy your tablet videos on a big screen and if HDMI is a problem , learn here how to connect your Android Tablet to your TV at home without using HDMI . 

Tablets have smaller screens:

Of course, now technology has changed so much that you can watch your favorite movie on your smart phone or tablet. But, there is one inherent problem in this. As you know the screen of the smartphone or the tablet or even that of mobile phone for that matter; is much smaller. Naturally, it affects the clarity of the picture and you may not enjoy the movie. This problem can be effectively solved if you have a device to connect your mobile or tablet to the television. For this you need accessories similar to HDTV, cable and adapter.  There is another method which is also considerably effective. In this method you connect the smart phone or the tablet through a wireless device. But, the wireless device has an inherent problem. In some cases, the wireless device may not send signal strong enough to get picture clarity. In order to get over this problem you will have to buy a wireless receiver.  But, this wireless receiver is considerably expensive and it may cost around $40. But, if your mobile or smartphone is of earlier version, then wireless device may not be a feasible option.

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Cables required:

But, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet then you can connect the device to the television by using micro USB-to-HDMI (High Def Multimedia interface) cable. You can get the details of HML supported devices on the website of Android. In some of the old TV, you may have to get an HML to HDMI adapter. Now, you will have to connect the power device charger to this adapter. For example Sony, Xbox work effectively when it is connected through an HD device. On the other hand, Apple iPad can be connected to a television with digital AV adapter. If you have Android tablet then things would be totally different. Some of the Android tablets will have HDMI slot. If the slot is not available then you can buy a micro HDMI cable. This costs just about $5.  At the same, you must also remember that some of the earlier versions of Android phones are also available with micro HDMI connection. This allows you to view the program directly without the need for any of the wireless devices. But, in latest version of Samsung Galaxy and HTC regular HDML cable is used. In such cases, you will need an adapter called MHL (Mobile High Definition Link).

Other devices:

Similar to the mobile, you can also connect your laptop to the television. For this you may require either HDMI connector or VGA or DVI connector of appropriate pins. This depends on the laptop you have with you. In some cases, you can watch the internet on the television and these televisions are Wi Fi ready. In such cases, you may have to use the USB dongle. This is a plug which is connected to the TV.  These adapter can be bought online or through any of the stores in your locality.

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