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Clockspot Helps Employers Clock Their Employees Efficiently

In this article we will tell you about clockspot employee time tracking. ClockSpot is a SaaS alternative for employee time tracking using Online Time Clock.

Note: This review is part of an ongoing Startup Fest 2011

With the advent of internet across the globe along with contractual work outsourcing, employees (both regular and contractual) of medium/large sized businesses are becoming a lot more geographically diversified. No matter where the employees reside, the efficiency and work throughput remains unperturbed, thanks to the fast adoption of Cloud computing and plethora of collaborative web technologies available at zero cost to the users.

But one critical aspect of speculating and enhancing the efficiency of location independent or contractual work strengthis to track whether they’re actually working for the number of hours they’re being paid or not.

For tracking employee work hours, large businesses make use of proprietary softwares, installed within their closed Intranet. But the same intranet based software model doesn’t work out well for small & medium sized businesses. Small scale companies & startups can’t really afford the cost of proprietary time clocking softwares and it also lacks the flexibility to track contractual or geographically diversified employees, especially those who don’t even have a PC.

Solution ? Meet Clockspot !

ClockSpot is a SaaS(Software as a Service) alternative for employee time tracking using Online Time Clock, which stands firm against conventional Intranet based software solutions, but as Clockspot is completely web based, it has much more to offer than its Intranet based competitors.

In brief, Clockspot is a Web-based employee time tracking solution that allows managers and administrators to run their businesses efficiently by tracking their employee schedules, work hours, sick days, vacations, holidays using Online Timesheet. It gives a great flexibility to those business owners who usually get their work done on contractual(hourly) basis or have their offices at multiple locations.

Clockspot offers ease and flexibility to the employees by letting them clock In & out from their PC or even their mobile phones. As all the control resides in the hands of manager only, permission grants and other account capabilities can be enabled/disabled by the manager, depending on the specific needs of the employer/company.

The only way by which this Web based tracking can be wrongly exploited by remotely working employees is Proxy clocking. This problem is effectively handled by providing control to managers to decide where employees clock in, from by IP address or by specific computer.

Clockspot also empowers the managers to authenticate clocking sessions by Voice authentication. This feature comes pretty handy for situations where you want a Phone Time Clock for tracking employees such as plumbers, cleaners, etc. This helps tracking all those employees who either don’t have a PC within reach or simply don’t know operating computer.

Some other pros of Clockspot include

  • No long term commitments. Month-to-month, Cancel any time service
  • Simple and Intuitive UI
  • Ease of Access (Via PC and Phone )
  • Ability to calculate overtime, tax, tips and bonuses, etc.
  • Flexible pricing plan

Clockspot offers a 14 day free trial to all its customers so there’s absolutely zero risk in start using the service right away. In a nutshell, Clockspot is a cost-effective & easy way to track your employee working hours, no matter where they reside or whether they own a computer.

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