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Automation Trends You Can Expect to See in 2017


Home automation is one of the latest ideas to hit the technology market, but it is doing so in a big way which is only set to get bigger in the coming years. 2017, in particular, is set to be a huge year for home automation in a variety of ways, with the advances in technology becoming (in one idea of home automation) more part of a household through the ‘internet of things’ which will be discussed in more detail below.
You don’t need to be online to see that technology is becoming more and more prevalent – you can come to the same conclusion with a walk through any D.I.Y store. Home automation is something which is becoming integral to more and more everyday home functions, and moving away from the simple heating controls it involved in the early days of automation. Even if someone specifically went to the electronics over a D.I.Y aisle, they would find more in the way of electronics which can be used in home electronics than ever before.
One reason for the explosion in home automation is the introduction of the small electric actuator into the ring. Small actuators are perfect for home automation, as they can fit into small spaces, and so can be used in a larger number of spaces and projects.


Security is something which has been around for a while when it comes to home automation, but nevertheless, massive improvements are still being made in the field. Improvements include being able to control the security system entirely from a mobile device. While having someone forget to lock the door before meant that the door would remain unlocked until someone could run past the house and fix the problem, controlling the locks remotely means that you can lock the house up from wherever you happen to be. Recent improvements on this technology have also allowed for the creation of virtual keys – instead of giving visitors keys to the house, an electronic lock can issue virtual keys. These keys can be programmed to stop working after a certain period of time, allowing for keys to be given out to someone who might need access to the house but removing the need to keep track of them.



The ‘internet of things’ is set to completely change home automation – and all automation for that matter. Having connectivity will allow for everything that is automated, such as heating, lighting, the television, the blinds, etc. Not only does the connectivity allow for them to be connected to a mobile device, it also means that they can be connected to each other. Imagine being able to put your music on, and the lights sense that they should put some mood lighting on. Or the blinds sense that you have put the heating on, and so they begin to close. The ‘internet of things’ is set to make home automation much more usable.

Voice Technology

The growth in voice technology is not surprising – after having everything be controlled by a mobile device, it is a logical next step to take. The use of voice technology in smartphones is something which has really spurred the development of such technology in home automation. Imagine a world where you can issue commands to turn the lights
down by voice alone!

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