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Apple Intelligence – Apple finally has its own AI System that can do lot for you.

Source: Apple

This year’s Apple’s WWDC event had an air of great anticipation to it. The question of how Apple will integrate AI into its top products and services had got everyone excited as the WWDC event inched close. The ‘D’ day is finally here as Apple kickstarted its annual tech event on 10th June.

As was expected, Apple made some big AI announcements but most of its big announcement centers around a ‘feature’ that is now most certainly Apple’s flagship AI feature. It is called ‘Apple Intelligence.’

Some may argue that Apple has rebranded artificial intelligence. However, the tech giant claims that this is not another fancy feature but can make a world difference to Apple user’s daily life.

We’ve compiled a brief list of how Apple’s new flagship AI feature can improve your productivity and put your life on a growth path.

How Apple intelligence can improve your life.

  • Improving Vocabulary

If you’ve a poor vocabulary and grammar then Apple Intelligence can prove to be more than handy for you. It can help in improving your writing across various apps; from rewriting sentences, checking grammar & style to summarizing lengthy content.


  • Prioritizing notifications

In the past, Apple users often missed on important notifications as barrage of notifications overwhelmed their devices, causing them much frustration. But Apple Intelligence is supposedly intelligent enough to the prioritize your important notifications by filtering and highlighting them while simply summarizing other unimportant notifications.


  • Siri Gets Smarter:

Apple’s very own voice Siri has got a major upgrade. Your iPhone will glow with a glowing light as soon as you activate Siri. More importantly, the company claims that it can now communicate naturally and understand complex requests.


  • Finding documents and auto-filling:

Searching documents and uploading can be a really messy affair. But the all-new smart Siri can relieve you from this mess for good. For instance, you can simply ask Siri to find a personal document like the rent agreement from your photo gallery and auto-fill the details from the document and autofill into the form.


  • On-screen Awareness and In-App Actions:

We are not done with Siri yet and this only proves how super smart this voice assistant has become. The next in our list is on-screen Awareness and in-App actions, which allows you to command Siri to automatically do specific things.


  • Ask to find a photo from the gallery with you wearing a black T-shirt.
  • Command it to edit a photo in accordance with specific editing instructions.
  • Summarizing a document and email it to a friend of yours.


  • Generating emojis:

Generating emojis is one thing but what is really unique about Apple Intelligence is that it allows you to pick yourself or even your friends and generate emojis that exactly looks like them.

Although this feature awaits public scrutiny, if there is any credence to this claim then it can very well redefine the emoji space.


  • Generate images:

Apple’s flagship AI system goes beyond generating text. It can generate images as well in few seconds with simple text prompts and you can then share these images across the apps.


  • Image wand     


Henceforth Apple users probably no longer have to stretch their imagination to convert their sketches into high-quality images. They can easily achieve this in real world with the help of Apple Intelligence.


  • Transcribe your calls:


Your iPhone and iPad will now have a call transcribe feature. Turning your calls into summaries and sharing them across your apps and emails will probably become a breezy affair.



Will Apple Intelligence help the tech giant in leapfrogging in the AI race is a debatable question. We probably have to wait for months for getting a conclusive answer. One may argue that Apple is pretty late to the AI party. But if history is anything to go by Apple has always chosen to come deliberately late to the party. Learning from their peer’s failures and then coming out with features that blows everyone’s mind and redefining the tech industry has always been Apple’s proud legacy. Apple Intelligence seems to be part of the same classic modus operandi. But will it further enhance Apple’s legacy or become a blip in its legacy remains to be seen.

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