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Android Theme For Windows 8 PC

If you are a fan of Android and want to have its theme on your Windows 8 PC , Learn here the way of getting Android theme for Windows 8 PC .

There are more users of android phone than any other operating system. But, as far as PCs go Windows still rule the roost. So, it can be a bit of an annoyance when you have to toggle between two OS. Windows phones are available but android OS for PCs is not yet available. And if you prefer the ease of Android to Windows then you want it for your PC too.

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One of the most popular apps that can emulate the android theme for windows 8 is the BlueStack App Player. It can be downloaded for free from While installing it might ask your permission to upgrade the graphic driver but otherwise installation is easy. This app also gives you the option to sync the apps on your phone and the ones on your computer. You can run around 750,000 different android apps on your Windows PC with the help of this app. As with any android application you will need a google account. The thing that differentiates BlueStack from other similar apps is that it has Google Play. You can search and install apps just like any other android device.

It is currently in its beta version so there are some problems in its functioning. The look is grainy and that maybe because the app is designed for a smaller screen and you are using it on a PC. If you have a PC which doesn’t have a touch screen then pinching and reverse pinching to zoom in and out can be a problem. Hopefully they will sort out these and other problems in their next release.

YouWave is an android emulator which the developers say provides complete emulation. It is not free like BlueStack and uses Oracle VM VirtualBox as the emulation engine. But in case you already have VirtualBox then you will have to remove it to use YouWave. Eventhough its not free you can install a trial package for a period of 10 days. There are two version – Basic for Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Home for Android 4.0 ICS. Though they claim to be different from BlueStacks both of them work practically the same. The problems with BlueStack is encountered in this app too.

Windroy is another free android emulator. What makes Windroy different is the ease with which it can be used. Just a click is enough to transport you from Windows 8 to an android environment. It supports Windows 7, XP also. If your PC does not have a touch screen then it lets you use the mouse to navigate. So you can do whatever you do on your other android devices. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t support Google Play Store. But you can troubleshoot this problem by just putting the APK files in the app folder of Windroys. This will install the applications automatically.

Genymotion also helps you making your PC look like an android device. You will have to sign up with them on their website to install it. It not only works on Windows PC but Mac and linux as well.

Google also has its own official android emulator. It comes as a part of the Google SDK. It can be utilized to run Android OS on a windows PC. This emulator is meant for people who develop and test android apps. The main drawback is that it is very slow so you can use it for testing apps or games but not to actually play games or use other apps.

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