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How to Access Blocked Sites in India

If you have a requirement of accessing a site which is blocked because of some reason , learn here the ways of getting access to blocked sites in India . 

Many organizations block a few sites, so that the employees do not breach the code of conduct. Even in educational institutions, many sites are blocked; especially social networking sites are blocked, because the students are not allowed to access a few sites that may end up in wasting of time. In a few countries like India sites are blocked based on the principles. But, if you want to access blocked sites badly for important reason, then you can find the best ways here.

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1. Use Proxy Sites :

When the sites are blocked, you can open them through proxy sites. You may get a few ads, or at times none at all. You can find plenty of proxy sites online. Get into any of them such as or, and enter the URL of the site you want to visit. Then start accessing the site.

2. Use IP :

At times, even the proxy sites are blocked by colleges, schools and offices, and if you want to access blocked sites, then you need to use the IP of the blocked sites. Most of the times only the URLs are blocked, and you can still access the sites using the IP address.

3. Software for Accessing Blocked Sites : 

Many countries like India, Pakistan, UAE, China and much more have blocked websites. These websites cannot be accessed from these countries. For instance, you cannot use the sites blocked in India, if you reside in this country. You can many software available to change your IP address. They can be got for free, and there are paid versions too. Both the versions work excellently, by changing your IP address to another country in a few seconds and let you access the blocked sites. When you use a free version, there are ads displayed.

 4. Use Google Cache : 

If the site is blocked, then use Google Cache to read the content of the blog or site. All you need to do is to open Google search engine and enter the URL of the site.

5. Get Emails : 

You can find many services online that allow you get the sites delivered to your emails. Although this service is perfect to read the contents of the site, you cannot access large sites with these services.

 6. Tunnel the Network : 

When you want to access social media sites that are blocked by your school, college or workplace, then you can start tunneling the internet connection. Make sure you have java installed in your system. Almost all the software for tunneling requires java. After downloading, you can find a file with .jar extension. Run the file and change the proxy address to 127.00.1, and the port ID to 8080. Although you may find this download and running of the file taking some time compared with the other methods, this is a foolproof and excellent method to access any blocked site.

How to Access Blocked Torrents Sites?

Torrents sites are blocked in India because it is said that these sites promote pirate contents. You can access blocked torrents sites through HTTPS. Instead of using http, you need to use https. For instance, when you use, you may see that the site is blocked. Try using You can also access the torrents sites that are blocked using the proxy sites, which allow you to browse anonymously.

Note: When you are using these tips and tricks to open and access blocked sites, make sure that you do not access any banking related sites, to ensure that your privacy is assured.  This article is not promoting hackers but is only for the educational purposes.

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