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How To Activate Windows 8 Via Skype

If you want to activate Windows 8 then you should have activation key. Learn here how to activate windows 8 via Skype.

To activate Windows 8 via Skype you should have the activation key. Each individual copy of Windows has its own activation key. It is sometimes also called a Product key or product identification. The key is made up of a sequence of characters grouped in 5 groups. Each group is again made up of 5 characters. It is the proof that you have purchased Windows.

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It is not that identification key is a new concept. When you buy windows from a vendor then you get the activation key along with it. Most of us buy computers with Windows pre-installed and the manufacturer of the computer would supply us with the activation key, usually at the bottom of the CPU or on a metal plate. But if you buy a computer with Windows 8 pre loaded then you will be very lucky to get the activation key. This is because Microsoft does not insist the manufacturers of computers to put this key so the manufactures don’t. Unfortunately this affects us, the customer.

There are some tools available which help in getting you the product key. One such tool is Produkey. It is a free program as well as portable. The only thing that you have to care is that you use the correct version. It comes in 32 bit version and 64 bit version. There are other such tools which provide you with activation key.

So, how to activate Windows 8 via Skype? There are 2 ways to go about it. The first method is the Command Line method. The other is the Graphical User Interface method. The first method is the easier one and used most frequently hence here you will get to see how to use this method. Before you start it is important that you switch off the internet connection.

The first step is to go to the Command prompt in the admin mode. For that hold Windows logo along with the X and from the options available select Command prompt , admin mode.

At the command prompt type in ‘slmgr.vbs-ipk’ and the activation key. You should get a confirmation message saying ‘Key Installed Successfully’.

Next type in this command ‘slmgr.vbs-ato’ and press Enter. Do not worry; you should be getting a error message. Ignore it and go to System in the System and Security directory which is in the Control Panel. Click on View Detail in Windows activation. You will get the message that ‘Windows is not activated’. It will give you options to Activate by phone. Click on that.

You will get a list of countries from which select United Kingdom. You will see a Window with Toll Free numbers and the steps to follow after making the call. Now you can switch on the internet connection to make the Skype call. Make the call to the toll free UK Number using Skype. (If you do not have Skype now would be a good time to install Skype.) If the UK number doesn’t work then use the USA number.

After making the call answer the first question – Home or Business. Dial 1 to signify Home user. Key in the installation ID. The next question will be ‘How many computers activated using this ID?’ Type 1.

You will get a confirmation ID. Type it on the Windows activation page. Now your Windows 8 is activated.

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