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Google Vids is ‘latest AI-powered video creation app’ in Google Workspace

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Google Vids is ‘latest AI-powered video creation app’ in Google Workspace

Google Workspace has got a new video creation app in its toolkit. Known as Google Vids, it has been designed to be a one-stop shop for creating work-related videos with the help of artificial intelligence. It can help with various stages of video creation, from brainstorming and scriptwriting to editing and choosing a voiceover. It also includes access to stock video clips, images, and background music to enhance your project. Just like Google Docs and Sheets, Vids too allows multiple people to work on the same video project simultaneously. Overall, Google Vids seems like a promising tool for creating professional videos without needing extensive editing experience.  It’s currently set to launch in Google Workspace Labs in June 2024.


Facebook Messenger now allows you to share HD photos & shared albums

Facebook Messenger has just unveiled a slew of new features that will definitely improve its user experience. Firstly, Messenger now allows you to send and receive high-definition photos. To enable this feature, you have to just select the “HD” option in the setting. Another notable feature introduced by Facebook Messenger is it now allows you and your chat group to create collaborative photo albums. Everyone in the chat can now add, view, download, and even delete photos and videos within the shared album. Overall, these are welcome feature as they will improve the overall experience of sharing visual content on Messenger.


Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro can now analyze audio files

Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro has got an interesting new feature that will allow it to analyze audio files. It can now comprehend audio files uploaded to the system and extract the text information from them. This means you can upload a podcast or speech recording file, and it will process the audio and convert it to text for further analysis. This certainly makes Gemini 1.5 Pro a powerful tool for tasks like summarizing lectures, analyzing interviews, or transcribing meetings. In another important update, Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro is now available in public preview on Vertex AI platform.


Acer expands its gaming laptop lineup with the Nitro 14 and Predator Helios Neo 14

Acer has just launched two new gaming laptops in the market, Nitro 14 and Predator Helios Neo 14. Both laptops are 14 inches, making them a more compact choice for gamers who value portability. This could be ideal for those who game at home or travel frequently. The Predator Helios Neo 14 seems to be the higher-end option, featuring the latest Intel Core Ultra processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 GPUs for powerful performance. On other hand, the Nitro 14 might offer AMD Ryzen processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 options at a more affordable price point.



Russia may be employing Starlink satellite against Ukraine

Latest Ukrainian intelligence reports are claiming that Russian forces might be using Starlink terminals despite Russia not having an official agreement with SpaceX. It’s still unclear how Russia obtained the Starlink terminals, but some experts suggest that they might have bought it from black market. Russian use of Starlink could potentially weaken Ukraine’s communication advantage and hinder their military operations. Back in February, Musk had flatly denied selling Starlink terminals to Russia either directly or indirectly. For all those who don’t know, Starlink is a satellite internet service by SpaceX that provides high-speed internet access in remote areas. Ukraine currently heavily relies on Starlink for its military communications on the battlefield.

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