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Meta plays catch up as it launches a new AI Chip – MTIA

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Meta plays catch up as it launches a new AI Chip – MTIA

Making sure that it does not lag behind the AI race, Meta has just launched a new custom-designed AI chip called MTIA. It promises to be more powerful and efficient than its predecessor, the MTIA v1. Meta is confident that its new AI chip will help in faster and efficient development of generative AI application. According to reports, Meta has already deployed this chip some of its data centers and it has reportedly shown promising performance. By creating custom chips, Meta has joined trend of tech companies developing their own AI hardware. Apparently, all big tech companies are trying hard to develop in-house AI chip to gain


Google unveils Gemini Code Assist – its new AI powered Coding Tool

Google has just launched yet another AI tool in the market that is likely to intensify the AI coding war. Known as Gemini Code Assist, this new AI-powered tool will help developers write code faster and more efficiently. Google claims Code Assist can analyze a vast amount of code to provide highly relevant code suggestions. This will allow developers to make large-scale changes across their entire codebase through simple prompts. It works with a variety of code repositories, including GitHub, GideloptLab, BitBucket, and even on-premises codebases. Code Assist will compete directly with GitHub’s Copilot. While it’s still early days, Code Assist has the potential to shake up the developer productivity landscape.


Google Photos to roll out Magic Editor, Magic Eraser and other AI editing tools for free

There is good news for all photo enthusiasts out there. Google Photos has announced that it is making some of its powerful AI editing tools available to everyone starting mid-May. This includes Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light. The great thing is that these powerful AI tools will be available for free. With these tools, users of Google Photos can now easily  photos with features like removing unwanted objects, sharpening blurry photos, and adjusting lighting for better portraits – all without needing pro-editing skills. The rollout will begin on May 15th and continue over the following weeks.


Inspired by Wordle, Apple News is testing a game called Quartiles  

Apple News is currently testing a new game called Quartiles that bears a resemblance to the New York Times’ popular game called ‘Connections.’ Quartiles challenges players to organize a grid of 20 syllables into five groups, each containing four syllables. Players are evaluated on their ability to form words from these syllables, similar to Boggle. This game is currently in beta testing for iOS 17.5, so it’s not yet available to the public and might not be included in the final release. This move by Apple News reflects a growing trend of news platforms incorporating games to engage users and increase retention. It’ll be interesting to see how Quartiles evolves and if it can capture user interest like Connections and Worlde.


iOS 18 May come loaded with All-New ‘Safari Browsing Assistant

According to strong rumours swirling in the market, Apple may launch “Safari Browsing Assistant” in the upcoming iOS 18. Although information about ‘Safari Browsing Assistant’ is scarce, it is likely to offer several useful features like summarizing web pages, suggesting relevant content, or even helping with research tasks. Safari won’t be the first browser to have a browsing assistant, many popular browser already offer this feature. For instance, Microsoft Edge offers a GPT-4-powered Copilot. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 on June 10th. Overall, the potential for a Safari browsing assistant with AI capabilities is exciting news. It could significantly enhance the browsing experience on iPhones.

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