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Say goodbye to lost gadgets! Google’s Find My Device network is finally here

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Say goodbye to lost gadgets! Google’s Find My Device network is finally here

After multiple delays, Google has finally launched its Find My Device network today, allowing you to track down lost Android phones and tablets even if they’re offline. This network relies on the massive number of Android devices out there to help locate your gadget. Similar to Apple’s Find My network, you can use the Find My Device app to locate your device on a map, make it ring, and even share its location with others. The launch of this feature is indeed a big deal for Android users who’ve been waiting for long for a more robust way to find misplaced Android devices. The network is rolling out first in the US and Canada, with a global release coming soon.


Meta’s AI gets bite-sized: Smaller, faster AI models on the horizon.

Meta, the company behind Facebook, is launching new smaller versions of their big language model Llama by as early as next week. They will be called Llama 3. These small models obviously won’t be as powerful as the full version, but they’ll give developers a chance to experiment with Llama 3’s capabilities. The larger model will be ‘multimodal’ while the smaller model is expected to be ‘non- multimodal.’ Overall, the upcoming launch of Llama 3 signifies that Meta continues to make big strides in the AI development to stay abreast in the highly competitive AI race.


Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS online features wave final goodbye

That’s the end of an era for Wii U and 3DS gamers! Starting from April 8th 2024, you can no longer enjoy online features on these consoles. This means saying goodbye to online multiplayer battles in Mario Kart 7 or getting creative with shared levels in Super Mario Maker. However, single-player campaigns and local co-op experiences will be still playable on both consoles. Downloaded games and save data will also remain accessible. Nintendo may have taken this decision because maintaining older servers is bit expensive. Nintendo also aims to focus resources on its current platform, the Nintendo Switch.


Is TikTok taking notes on Instagram? New photo app name surfaces.

Instagram, known for photo sharing, has dominated the social media scene for a while. But TikTok, the short-form video king, is looking to dethrone it. TikTok is reportedly launching a separate app specifically for photo sharing, aiming to compete directly with Instagram. While not officially confirmed, leaks and user reports suggest the app will be called “TikTok Notes.” This simple name hints at a more text-focused approach compared to the flashy filters and effects of Instagram. If successful, this could be a major shakeup in the social media landscape. It could lead to a battle for users who primarily share photos online.


London Calling! Microsoft sets up AI HQ to revolutionize language tech.

Image Credits: Flickr Mike Mozart

Microsoft is setting up a new AI research hub in London specifically dedicated to advancing “state-of-the-art language models.” These large language models will be used to power features like chatbots, virtual assistants like Cortana, and even some machine translation tools. This hub will likely collaborate with other Microsoft AI teams and partners like OpenAI. It is still not exactly known when this AI hub in London will become operational. This move signals Microsoft’s commitment to being a major player in the development of increasingly sophisticated language models. Microsoft is currently locked in high-stake AI battle with Google, with both tech companies leaving no stone unturned to win this battle.

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