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Cloud computing refers to the situation when your computational needs don’t require your own IT infrastructure but internet through which you access all.

While I was checking my Gmail account,a folk caught me on chat asking about one of the articles on TechPluto.He was interested in knowing more about ‘Microsoft’s Cloud computing services’ and what actually are they going to provide under their latest venture.Cloud computing tutorial

But soon I realised that the guy had some wrong notions about “Cloud Computing”.And I think, it’s not just him but many others who’re still not able to interpret the word “Cloud computing” in correct sense.

And even various sources on internet describe “Cloud Computing” in their own way.In general,Cloud computing is described a concept through which the customer gets billed only for the duration and the extent to which that customer uses the web services(mostly ‘servers’) rather than paying a fixed rental for a service(servers).

But actually the above description is known as “Utility Computing”.“Cloud computing” is often confused with another concept called “Grid Computing” which is basically a large collection of small scale computers,connected to each other in a grid format to collaboratively work as a ‘Supercomputer’ with exceptional processing capabilities.

‘Utility computing’ and ‘Grid computing’ have been there for years now but the buzzword “Cloud computing” is relatively new.

Here ‘Cloud’ depicts ‘Internet’ and ‘Computing’ means ‘use of computer technology for task execution’. As ‘Cloud Computing’,it means “When the task execution requiring computers is based on internet” rather than your PC and the respective softwares installed on it.

Your entire data and all the services are hosted on high capacity servers and you get to access the data & services whenever you want through Internet(or Cloud).That’s why cloud computing is also referred to as “On demand computing”.

In simple words,when most of your computational needs do not require your own IT infrastructure but just an access point(Internet) through which you get to use/access all those data & softwares services(SaaS,Software as a Service) based on your timely requirements is referred to as Cloud Computing.

For instance,if you are using Google Apps(say Google Docs to create docs,spreadsheets online),then you don’t require MS Office at your system.You just require an access point which is ‘internet'(Cloud) to access the service(actually a Software-as-a-Service called SaaS).So,this is how your computing becomes web based and PC independent.That’s the main concept of Cloud Computing.

Hence ‘Cloud computing’ is a superset to ‘Utility Computing’ & ‘Grid Computing’.And this is what Microsoft is gearing up to offer.

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Prashant Sharma is a Delhi based Entrepreneur who spent most of his college days polishing his marketing skills and went for his first business venture at 19. Having tasted failure in his entrepreneurial debut, he turned a Tech-enthusiast, specializing in web technologies later. Today, he heads Accu-rate Media, a Digital Marketing and Publishing firm and writes at TechPluto as well. Join him on Google Plus

17 Comments to Cloud Computing Tutorial

  1. Hi there,

    You seem to have a pretty good handle on cloud computing, but there is on refinement I would make. You assume that “your entire data and all the services are hosted on high capacity servers”, and yet this need not necessarily be the case; there is no reason that cloud computing cannot be delivered by your peers, by distributed servers or by an army of monkeys (see link).


    Sam (author of Wikipedia’s cloud computing article, among other things).

  2. Always like to see information on Cloud Computing! Looks like Australians are starting to wake up to it too with Telstra announcing a $500m spend this week on cloud computing services.

  3. Why are we confusing SaaS with the cloud computing? SaaS can be deployed in a cloud and cloud does not necessarily means SaaS deployment

  4. @Raj
    You’re right ! It isn’t that Cloud means ‘SaaS deployment’ but the whole idea of this article is to let the newbies understand what Cloud computing can do to the technology world.

    SaaS is a critical part of ‘Cloud phenomena’ and therefore explained in the article.

    • Hey Pawan,
      Thanks for the appreciation. I would suggest you to hook on to TechPluto by subscribing to our feeds as many more articles on cloud computing and similar topics are lined up for the future.

  5. Your article is very good,even a Non technical person can understand it,great effort I would further appreciate if you could elaborate it further more and few more things how it can be revolution in near future with respect to different sectors in industry.

  6. Interesting presentation and comments. A couple of points if I may?

    With regard to Raj’s comment, could Raj, or yourselves, let us have – what is SaaS as opposed to the Cloud? How does it differentiate?

    Also, I understand that there are Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds. How do these fit into the overall scene?

    Thank you.

  7. thnxx…. for such a valuable article. i was trying to understand this concept for many months but all the articles were confusing me. now , i have got a clear picture about this concept….

    • Prashant Sharma

      @Pankaj Glad your doubts are clear. Stay tuned as good stuff just keeps flowing at TechPluto

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