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Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

In this article we will tell you some cloud computing characteristics. These are the 4 basic characteristics of an application that suits ‘Cloud computing’ .

Cloud computing‘ is a technology that will certainly change the way we deploy and run our applications,utilizing various resources in much efficient and economical manner.But as of now,the ‘Cloud’ technology doesn’t suit every kind of application that we use today.

Hence,below are the 4 basic characteristics of application that suits ‘Cloud computing’ rather than conventional methods of app deployment and resource consumption.Take a look…

1. Which needs Flexibility

The best part about Cloud computing is that it provides flexibility,shared and automated management that distributes resources over the cloud network.So,if your app’s resource utilization is inconsistent rather spiky then “Cloud” will suit you the most.For instance,travelling related sites hit peak traffic in December and quite average traffic otherwise so they can be considered appropriate for ‘Cloud’.

2. That’s growing exponentially or Demanding Scalability

An app that’s expected to hit the rooftop and might continue its exponential nature of growth for quite sometime is well suited for ‘Cloud computing’.It’s not a smart decision to buy out a limited capacity hardware to take care of an application that will start overburdening the current infrastructure in lesser time than expected.

3. Wants to run economically

Cloud computing(specially ‘Utility computing’) lets you pay for what you actually use and not for what you have been reserved.Hence,apps(most of them are highly uncertain about their early growth),are better to be deployed on ‘Cloud’ to save out critical bucks.

4. Independent in nature

Apps that are forced to regularly converse with other apps  & Databases residing in datacenter are not so well suited to ‘Cloud computing’.It’s better if all such requisite apps are deployed,right there in the ‘cloud’ and there’s isn’t much need to converse back(data exchange) with the datacenter now and then(this creates more complications in terms of security and bandwidth utilization).

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