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Touristlink: All Exclusive Social Network for Travelers

Touristlink aims to create a social environment for the breed of travelers across the world. With Touristlink people can explore new places across the globe, with genuine recommendations of local sight-seeing based on experiences shared by fellow members

Almost every internet-literate person today is part of some social networking site or the other. Many use regional social networks such as Tencent(popular in China) and majority others are part of globally popular social networks such as Facebook or Google+.

Despite an unprecedented popularity of social networking websites and duplication of same social phenomena in other industries such as Corporate sector, there has been a lack of a dedicated social platform to address the recurring needs and to unleash social instinct of travelers.

Is there no popular, existing platform to address the above problem ? The answer is probably ‘NO’. But is there no solution at all to address social interaction and other needs of travelers. The answer is ‘NO’ again.

There’s indeed a solution to address this issue but not yet a well-known service as it launched not too many days ago.

We’re talking about Touristlink, a dedicated destination for travelers from across the world, to network with other travel enthusiasts, share mutual experiences and also get direct access to travel businesses and local agents, in order to get relevant local information.

Touristlink aims to create a social environment for the breed of travelers across the world, more like bonding people on the basis of what they love doing, that is, travelling. With Touristlink, people can explore new places across the globe, with ‘genuine'(and not ‘paid’) recommendations of local sight-seeing, hotel recommendations etc, based on experiences shared by fellow members and not necessarily businesses.

In fact, the platform actually makes it possible for members to interact with various tourism hotel owners, local travel agents, tourist guides etc to gather relevant information and clarifying any queries before planning a visit to a new place.

One feature that stands out and could possibly be a game-changer is the passage of information flow to the end users.

In a usual scenario, a traveler takes the pain of searching through web and exploring local travel agents, suitable hotels and various other things and after spending quantifiable time on research and exploration, there’s still a chance that traveler has not reached out to the best value-for-money hotel or local travel agency.

At Touristlink, the traveler simply needs to put up his or her requirements over the site and in no time, plenty of travel agents, hotel owners, travel planners will line up with their best available offers and you will have the comfort of choosing the best offer out of the rest.

So, the end customers doesn’t have to go after various travel agents anymore but they simply have to put up their list of requirement specifications and travel service providers will themselves start popping up with their best offers.

So, if you happen to be a traveler and looking for a place to network with other people with similar passion, explore new destinations across the globe and find a convenient way to connect with travel businesses and agents then Touristlink is the place to go!


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