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Windows surface touch cover vs Type cover

In this article we are comparing Windows surface Touch cover vs Type cover on different factors such as features, specifications and more.

If you have your eyes on Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and you cannot decide whether to go for Touch cover or Type cover, then you have probably landed on the right place. Here in this article I’m going to compare both on different factors such as features, price, thickness, ease to use, technical specifications and more.

Lets start with Type cover. If you’ve your hands set on a keyboard with a good typing speed, and you do not wish to ruin it, than this is made for you. It is just like a traditional keyboard we have on a desktop or a laptop with keys as buttons. Type cover combines the comfort  and speed of a keyboard with sleek and facile design. You need to spend $129.99 to marry it with your Surface RT, which i think can be considered as a fair deal.

Also, You can fold it to protect your tablet against scratches and bumps. When folded, the keyboard is disable automatically and it acts as a cover for your tablet.

Windows Surface Type Cover Technical Specifications

  • Thickness: 6mm thin.
  • Weight:  less than 0.55lbs.
  • Windows shortcut keys, Function Keys(F1-F12) and Media control.
  • Sensing Trackpad.
  • Mechanical Keys.
  • Screen Cover.

All in all, a revolutionized classic keyboard with better design and feel.

Let’s talk about Touch Cover now. A classic keyboard transformed into a pressure sensitive touch pad with dual life to lead. It acts as a touch centric keyboard as well as a cover for your tablet. Designed for all those Touch centric devices freaks out there.

Although my experience with touch cover is not good. Typing speed is a big concern for me, that becomes half of what I have as soon as I put my hands on it. You cannot figure out where the key ends and the other starts, that leads to way too many typing errors.

Also, all this while I kept my head down to see if  I’m stroking the right key or not. It can turn out to be a bit  frustrating for speed demons. And, if you’ve a habit of working on keyboard, I would not recommend you to go for it. Type cover should be a better option.

To get touch cover under your hands, you need to spend 119.99 dollars, which is a little less than what you should spend for Type Cover. Touch cover is available in four different colors, while Type cover stays to be available in black only.

Windows Surface Touch cover Technical Specifications

  • Thickness: 3.55 mm thin.
  • Weight: less than 0.466lbs.
  • Windows shortcut and media keys.
  • Touch Sensitive Trackpad.
  • Pressure Sensitive Keys.
  • Spill-resistant
  • Available in five vibrant colors (White, Black, Red, Magenta, and Cyan).

You need to spend some time with Touch cover to set you hands on it. Whereas, Type cover is no different from a classic keyboard we all are familiar with. So the choice is yours. If you do not wish to compromise with your time and typing speed, go for Type cover. And if you wish to change your typing feel, Touch cover should be a good choice.

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