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How to change Start Screen color without opening it ?

This article explains how to change start screen color without opening it in Windows 8. 

Windows 8 is designed to lead a dual life. You can work with the old traditional Desktop mode, and the all new Windows 8 Start Screen. Start Screen is just like the Desktop where you can add your favourites to access them easily and faster.But the difference lies in the interface of both.

Start Screen acts as a central hub for accessing all your apps, Windows Store apps, Control panel applets, System Components and more.

Windows 8 Start screen has totally tiles based interface which is meant for the touch centric systems. In spite of the fact,  it is doing pretty well with non touch centric PCs and laptops. You can pin and unpin any application to the Start Screen, it is just like you create a shortcut in Windows XP or Windows 7. So, now everything is just a tap(click) away. From a music file on your disk to the webpage over Internet, you can pin anything to the Start Screen.

Apart from this, You can customize the look and feel of the Start screen to reflect your own style. Basically, it has two main features,  Themes and the Background color. What Start screen misses here is the Background Image feature we have in the desktop mode. To fill this gap, Microsoft introduced Tattoo based themes you can set to the Start Screen, which are present by default in Windows . But their count is limited, only 20 themes are available for now. Also, you can choose your favourite Background color for the same. Have a look :

If you’ve no idea how can you customize your Start Screen, then this is for you. All you need to do is , follow these steps :

1. Press Windows key + C (or move the mouse to the extreme top right corner) to invoke the charm bar.

2. Click on Settings. A new wide charm bar will open.

3. Click on ‘Change PC Settings’ present at the bottom of the charm bar.

4. This will open the PC Settings Window. Now Goto Personalization → Start Screen.

5. Select your favourite Theme and Background color for your Windows Start Screen.

6. Close the PC Settings Window.

7. Go to Start Screen and now you will see the new Theme and Background color. Happy coloring!!!!

You can also change your account picture and lock screen image by following the same procedure.

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